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3 Boudoir Photography Make-Up 'Jargons' Explained

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

Some women wear makeup daily, some haven’t worn it in years. Some wear it only on special occasions, others won’t leave the house without a full face. Whatever your relationship with makeup, part of your boudoir experience is the makeover to make you feel extra confident in front of the camera, and your most glamorous self. If you’re not particularly confident around makeup, then stepping into the makeover room and hearing terms like ‘contour’ ‘strobing’ and ‘feline flick’ can all be quite daunting.

So allow us to break down some of these scary, foreign sounding words for you –

Contouring –

Put simply, this is a way to make the most of your best features. There’s a lot of information floating around about contouring at the moment, but it’s actually very simple if you follow this one simple rule – place darker colours in areas you want to draw attention away from, and lighter colours on areas of the face you want to ‘pop’. For example, a concealer a few shades darker than your natural skin tone placed underneath the apples of the cheek and blended out will make cheekbones stand out, especially with a pale shimmery colour placed along the tops of the cheekbones. For eyes, it’s even easier – blend a matte brown shadow into the crease of your eye, and pat a paler, possibly shimmery shadow on the eyelid. Instantly wider and more defined eyes!

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

Strobing – Want glowing, bright, ‘lit from within’ skin that you see on the Victoria Secrets catwalk or in magazines? Then ask for ‘strobing’. This is using pale, light reflecting and sometimes highly shimmery powders and creams to create glowing skin. These products are usually placed on the top of the cheekbones, cupids bow, centre of the nose, temples, underneath the brow bone – anywhere that makes you look glowing and radiant. A real makeup trend of the moment.

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

Feline Flick – Want that winged out, wide eyed look very poplar with our ‘Va Va Voom‘ shoots? This is what you need to be asking for. This can be quite a tricky skill to master so if it’s something you’ve always wanted to try out, now is the time! The basis of this makeup trick is to use a gradient of shadows from lightest on the inner part of the eye, to darker on the outer part, finished off with a black, bold winged liner to give the impression of a ‘feline’ shaped eye. Very sexy, and highly recommended!

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

Our makeup professionals are very up to date on makeup trends and are extremely friendly, so if you have any other burning makeup questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Contact us today to start your amazing boudoir make over experience.

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