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YLA, 30 Cank Street, Leicester. LE1 5GW
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Artistic Boudoir Photography
J’ADORE Gallery

What Is It?
J’Adore is our beautiful, sensual shoot style that focuses on the female form and all its lines and curves. Using very plain backgrounds and making the most of strong directional lighting, your pictures from your J’Adore shoot will be perfect silhouettes and stunning shapes that will leave you in love with your figure.

Covered up lingerie is optional for this theme as we ideally want to see your figure in its most natural form, in order to produce the most artistic pictures possible. The goal of this style is to create images that are visually stunning, emotionally evocative that celebrate your body and sexuality.

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Why J’Adore?
Whether you’re confident in your own skin, or you need a little encouragement to feel your truly beautiful best, this is both a chance to show off your figure and your curves, as well as an opportunity to gain some confidence in a calm, comfortable environment.

  1. Self-expression and empowerment: J’Adore boudoir photoshoot allows you to express your sensuality and embrace your body in our safe and non-judgmental studio environment. It can be a transformative experience that boosts your self-confidence and promotes a positive body image.
  2. Celebrating milestones: Our boudoir photoshoot sessions are often booked for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. They serve as a way to commemorate important milestones and create lasting memories.
  3. Intimate and personal gift: The resulting images from a J’Adore boudoir photoshoot can make a unique and intimate gift for a partner. They can be given on special occasions or simply as a surprise to express love, affection and intimacy.
  4. Professional portfolio: An ideal theme for models and adult performers looking to add diverse and artistic images to their portfolios with less emphasis on their faces.

What to bring?
Lingerie is optional, and often the best pictures are created with either a simple thong or small french knickers, or no lingerie at all.