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Birmingham Boudoir Studio

Birmingham Boudoir Photographer
Birmingham boudoir photographer
About US

My Beautiful Boudoir Photography Studio offers Sexy Photo Shoot in Birmingham; catering towards areas like Walsall, Solihull, Ashton, Digbeth and West Bromwich. As one of the UK’s finest Boudoir photography studios, we highly recommend anyone looking to book in for a sexy Boudoir Photoshoot in Birmingham to book in with us today. Your intimate Boudoir experience with us is guaranteed to boost your confidence and make you feel good, deeply from within.


Forget about any doubts you may have, leave the busy world behind and book with us today. You can either make a booking by going on our website or even better; just call us up on 01164 827 700 and we’ll make the booking for you. As we value all our customers’ security, we ensure that all booking made with us are confidential and your privacy is respected throughout the process.

An email confirmation is sent out immediately after your booking.

We also offer gift vouchers for anyone wanting to gift a sexy surprise for their loved ones and are looking to treat their special someone to an intimate boudoir photo shoot. Our packages start from as little as £150, with a £100 deposit to secure your booking. The price includes a full professional makeover, 3hrs+  sexy photoshoot sessions, private viewing and your selected retouched pictures.

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Other things we offer

The reason why Sexy Boudoir Photoshoot is so popular and on the rise is due to its versatility.

Our studio also offers photography lessons for anyone looking to become a Boudoir Photographer in Birmingham. Click here to find out more.

We believe that nothing is too risqué/erotic when it comes to sexy photo shoots. So, do not hesitate to present us with your ideas. We can turn your ideas into reality!

We offer both Male & Female Boudoir Photo Shoot experience in various different themes of your choice. Examples of different types of Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot we offer are as follows:

Boudoir Makeover The importance of a Sexy boudoir Makeover for your erotic photoshoot is second to none. This is why we offer our customers the privilege of getting pampered by a professional makeup artist on the day of your daring Boudoir Photo Shoot.

Seductive Couple Photo Shoot in Birmingham – We offer erotic couple photo shoot for any couples wanting to heighten/intensify their sexual intimacy. Choose from any theme of your choice.

Sexy Bridal Photo Shoot in Birmingham Sexy Bridal Boudoir is one of the most popular types of Provocative Photo Shoot on demand. Your Wedding Boudoir Photo Shoot can be as daring and exotic as you want it to be. The choice is yours.

Nude/Glamour Boudoir Photo Shoot in Birmingham Naked Boudoir Photo Shoot is for the glamours and the confident. We creatively take artistic boudoir photographs for you and your partner’s pleasure.

Pin-up Boudoir in Birmingham Our Pin-up style, Vintage Sexy Photo Shoot can be achieved in many different ways. Lightings and props can be creatively placed/played within our studio. We’ll take you back in time and set you back in that naughty and nostalgic Boudoir mood.

Fitness Boudoir Photo Shoot in Birmingham Whether you’re entering a bodybuilding competition or in need of a sultry style photograph for your portfolio; book with us today. We cater towards both Male & Female and provide nude photo shoots for all sexy modelling fields whether it’s Fitness, Stripping or Glamour. The level of Nudity in your Photo Shoot depends on every individual’s choice.

Bondage/Dominatrix Boudoir Birmingham- Bring all your favourite toys and accessories! Whether it’s a Dominatrix, Bondage or a Fetish style photo shoot, no accessories or suggestions are too out of line for us. Trust us! We’ve photographed it all.

Maternity Boudoir Birmingham Maternity can take you through emotions of highs and lows. This is a period of time when women are reluctant to feel their least sexiest. Pregnancy Boudoir Photo Shoot helps women reconnect with their femininity and their sex appeal.

Mature Boudoir Photo Shoot in Birmingham Sexy Mature Photo Shoots that we offer are proven to help women of 50+ age regain their confidence and help celebrate their new era. Also popular is our Divorcee Boudoir Photo Shoot as a self-empowering experience that all mature women whether single or recently divorced should experience.

Plus Size Boudoir in Birmingham Plus Size women are the most happiest after a Curvy Boudoir Photo Shoot. We offer Boudoir Photo Shoot for Voluptuous women to give them confidence and teach them self-love just like any other Boudoir Photo Shoot. Plus Size Sexy Lingerie photo shoot can be done in many different themes without any restrictions.

Private Boudoir Photo Shoot in Birmingham Amongst other things, we also offer a Private Boudoir Photo Shoot session for anyone looking to have a discrete Boudoir Photo Shoot Session. Your privacy is respected and all your secret boudoir photographs are confidential to you only.

Click here to see photographs from different Boudoir Photoshoot themes.

Sexy Boudoir Films – If you want the full enjoyment and would much rather enjoy the effect a sexy video has on you, then we can produce an explicit film just for you. We not only offer erotic photo shoot sessions, but we also have videos/films on offer. Live your sexy fantasy, be your own video vixen and let your alter ego come out to play.

Birmingham boudoir photographer
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