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27 Jul: Wedding Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

As less clothes and more tan lines are becoming more apparent – this only screams one thing! SUMMER! Summer is…

My Beautiful Boudoir Love Island
21 Jun: ITV Love Island – The Ugly Truth & Our GIVEAWAY!

With Summer fast approaching, we are bombarded with the ideal summer body/looks all over the media. The false perception of…

Couples Sexy Photo Shoot Boudoir Studio
31 May: Couples Boudoir Sexy Photo Shoot? Why You Should Do It.

In this blog post, we give you reasons why every couple should have a shameless boudoir photoshoot and how a…

Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas
20 Apr: Boudoir Photo Shoot Outfit Guide 101

One thing all women can agree on is their want and need to feel/look sexy and have that sex appeal…

male boudoir photo shoot
20 Mar: 5 Reasons Why Male Boudoir Photo Shoot Is On The Rise

At My Beautiful Boudoir, we welcome ALL gentlemen regardless of shapes and sizes as we believe Boudoir Photography should not be…

my beautiful boudoir valentines shoot ideas
12 Feb: Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With These Boudoir Ideas

Love! Love!! Love!!!  We all love to be loved which is why we L O V E Valentines… Valentine’s day…

Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas
02 Oct: Top 10 Boudoir Photography Poses Ideas

Every professional boudoir photographer knows just how important mastering a number of flattering yet sexy poses is to ensure his/her…

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio
18 Aug: 3 Boudoir Photography Make-Up ‘Jargons’ Explained

Some women wear makeup daily, some haven’t worn it in years. Some wear it only on special occasions, others won’t…

bridal boudoir photography
31 Jul: Why Bridal Boudoir Shoot Is The Best Wedding Gift Idea

It’s that time of the year already where we get a busy diary with brides wanting to surprise their partners…

divorce boudoir photo shoot

Love is a beautiful thing we totally embrace at My Beautiful Boudoir, but we also understand that sometimes, things don’t…

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio
14 May: We Love Curves – 30 Days Curves Challenge

As we look forward to the beautiful summer sunshine and holidays to our favourite destinations, it is also a time…

28 Feb: Top 5 Boudoir Hair Style Inspirations

“Confidence is in the hair – it’s the crown you never take off” Choosing a hairstyle for your boudoir photo…