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my beautiful boudoir valentines shoot ideas

Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With These Boudoir Ideas

Love! Love!! Love!!!  We all love to be loved which is why we L O…

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Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas

Top 10 Boudoir Photography Poses Ideas

Every professional boudoir photographer knows just how important mastering a number of flattering yet sexy…

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My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

3 Boudoir Photography Make-Up ‘Jargons’ Explained

Some women wear makeup daily, some haven’t worn it in years. Some wear it only…

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bridal boudoir photography

Why Bridal Boudoir Shoot Is The Best Wedding Gift Idea

It’s that time of the year already where we get a busy diary with brides…

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divorce boudoir photo shoot


Love is a beautiful thing we totally embrace at My Beautiful Boudoir, but we also…

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My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

We Love Curves – 30 Days Curves Challenge

As we look forward to the beautiful summer sunshine and holidays to our favourite destinations,…

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Top 5 Boudoir Hair Style Inspirations

“Confidence is in the hair – it’s the crown you never take off” Choosing a…

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Leicester Boudoir Studio

Top Boudoir Poses/How To Pose For Boudoir

When doing boudoir a photoshoot, especially for the first time, many can feel unsure whether…

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maternity boudoir stuio

Reasons to book your maternity boudoir shoot

Many expecting mums have found booking a Boudoir Photoshoot empowering, inspiring and life-changing! Spending quality…

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Boudoir Shoot Make-Up Ideas

Common Boudoir Make Over Myths Busted

Quite often, we hear a lot of makeup myths from our clients, most of which are…