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My Beautiful Boudoir Client Focus - Michelle M

For Michelle’s 50th Birthday, she booked our boudoir makeover shoot to celebrate her milestone and has since been back a couple more times.

For us, Michelle symbolises our dream client and represents a large majority of women (or men) that we work with – strong, ambitious individuals with perhaps a few insecurities about their body or looks.

We feel blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to make our clients view their insecurities in a more postive way that goes way beyond after their photo shoot has been completed; because every time they look through their pictures, they have a reminder why they are unique and beautiful! 

Here we catch up with Michelle to find out what makes her tick and her motivation to have her sexy photo shoot done whilst we share some of her favourite shots.

1. Michelle, Please Give Us 5 Words To Describe Yourself.
  • Outgoing, Family focussed, Entrepreneur, Strong & Giving.

Sexy Photo Shoot Studio UK Leicester

2. What’s Your Favourite Book or Movie?
  • I am a little bit of a guy when it comes to movies, my favourite is Face Off I also enjoy a good War movie.
3. What’s Your Favourite Quote?
  • Age is just a number.

Sexy Photo Shoot Studio UK Leicester

4. What’s Your Can’t Live Without Item?
  • A good lipstick. 

Sexy Photo Shoot Studio UK Leicester

5. How Do You Feel About Your Body?
  • A little insecure.
6. What Do You Love About Your Body?
  • That I look pretty good for my age.

Sexy Photo Shoot Studio UK Leicester

7. What Was Your Reason To Book A Boudoir Shoot?

  • I am 51 and want to have some memories for when I can’t do something like this.
8. Where You Worried About Almost Baring All In Front Of The Camera?
  • At first, but Michael (the photographer) made me feel very comfortable and good about myself.

Sexy Photo Shoot Studio UK Leicester

9. How Did You Feel When You Saw Your Photos?
  • Blown away and proud 
10. Any Last Words, Advice or Suggestions For Anyone Looking To Book My Beautiful Boudoir Shoot?
  • Don’t hesitate, life is for living, feel good and let My Beautiful Boudoir take you to a beautiful you!

Sexy Photo Shoot Studio UK Leicester

We do not only take beautiful pictures of our clients, we also supply them in some of the most stunning ways money can buy!

Here are some products Michelle chose.

Contact us today to start your boudoir experience.

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