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Common Boudoir Make Over Myths Busted

Boudoir Shoot Make-Up Ideas

Quite often, we hear a lot of makeup myths from our clients, most of which are just that, myths. Here are some of the most common things we’re told, and the truth behind the statements.

“Makeup Doesn’t Suit Me” 

Very often, women come to us with very strict ideas on what does and doesn’t suit them. The most common thing we hear is ‘I don’t wear makeup because it doesn’t suit me’. Now, we agree, some makeup styles and formulas don’t sit well or suit certain skin types, face, or eye shapes. This comes from an unwillingness to experiment, as many of us are scared of the unknown. The true beauty of makeup is, if it doesn’t look right, you can take it off and start again. It’s supposed to be fun, and you never know what new look you’ll discover that really suits you and your personality. Our makeup artists are trained professionals, so they will know what look suits you even if you are a little unsure. So trust them when they tell you a brown smokey eye will look great, or a peach blush will suit your skin tone rather than a pink blush you usually wear – you’ll be surprised!

“I’m Not Brave Enough For A Red Lip” 

Classic boudoir makeup is very often all about the smokey eyes and red lips. These two looks are very strong in front of the camera and really show off your features beautifully. However, lots of women wouldn’t usually think of putting a red lip on in the morning, so when it comes to wearing a bright pout for their boudoir makeover, it can get pretty scary. Red is a powerful colour, and your shoot should be an all around empowering experience, so what better time to wear that red lip you’ve always wanted to, but never felt brave enough to give it a go?

Boudoir Shoot Make-Up Ideas
Red Lips Are Perfect For Boudoir

“Black Eyeshadow/ Liner Will Make A Feature Of My Eyes And Make Them Stand Out “

Again, this comes down to eye shapes and facial features. If you have big, wide set eyes then you can typically carry off a really dark, black smokey eye which will look great. For most of us, who have slightly smaller, often deep set or close set eyes, using black liner and dark shadow all over the lid will close the eyes up and make them appear smaller. My favourite trick is to use a paler, shimmery champagne shade all over the lid, then concentrate the darker shadows (usually in a plum, brown or grey) towards the outer third of the eye to give the appearance of wider eyes. To really open up the eyes, a slight winged out liner towards the outer lash line makes them seem wider and more awake – great for photographs!

Boudoir Shoot Make-Up Ideas
Make A Feature Of Your Eyes With Black Eyeshadows or Liner.

“My Eye Colour Affects What Makeup I Can Wear

There is a myth that brown eyes shouldn’t wear brown shadows, green eyes shouldn’t wear green eyeshadows and so on. It is true that using opposite colours do make eyes stand out and can really up the intensity of your eye colour. However, there’s no set rules to say a little blue liner underneath blue eyes can’t look fun and unexpected, and we’d certainly never rule out a brown smokey eye look on a woman with brown eyes – it’s such a classic, sexy look that lends itself to anyone and any occasion. The idea with makeup is to play around and have fun. Yes there are guidelines to make application a little easier, but there should be no set rules. If it makes you feel confident and beautiful, then wear it.

Boudoir Shoot Make-Up Ideas
Be Brave & Try Something New

I’m Too Old For Strong Brows / Contour 

These two trends are everywhere at the minute, and are really popular looks we get asked to do at My Beautiful Boudoir Studio. However, we often hear women say they are ‘too old’ for these looks. The beauty of a strong brow, is that brows really frame the face. Makeup should never be done without at least grooming eyebrows, and ideally adding pencil or powder through them to fill in gaps and make them look slightly fuller and stronger. How strong you go is all down to personal preference, but a shaped brow is crucial to getting a great finished makeup look. The most talked about makeup trend at the minute, contouring, can seem quite scary to many women, especially those who believe they can’t wear it as they are too old. If the skin is a little older, we recommend a cream product, and just taking a little of a cool toned brown underneath the cheek bones blended into the skin really well. This small contouring step helps slim down the face and create definition whatever the age.

Boudoir Shoot Make-Up Ideas
You’re Never Too Old To Be A Vixen.

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