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Hair & Facial Makeover

Looking through all the glamorous pictures on our website, you will be forgiven for thinking the featured ladies (&guys) are professional models, with their flawless skin and effortless posing.

However, you can be rest assured that the clients featured across our galleries are all real women just like yourself, mostly on their first boudoir photo shoot. The secret lies in a number of factors and one being their make over transformation. Not a lot of women get the privilege to have their hair and make-up done professionally before having their pictures taken, but as our aim is to make you feel your most amazing, confident, sexy self, we ensure you’re looking the part before you step in front of our camera. The makeover part of your boudoir experience is aimed at doing two things:

1. Making you feel relaxed as you prepare for your shoot 2. Making you look amazing in preparation for your shoot.

It’s the beginning of your fun and empowering experience, where you will transformed into a true diva. You will have a short consultation with our experienced makeup artist before it begins to ensure that your hair and make up is done to your taste – and you may even pick up one or two tips on doing it yourself! No doubt, our makeover experience will give you the extra confidence you need before your boudoir shoot commences. Whatever your style, be it 60’s Pin-Up, Burlesque, Glamour or blushing bride, be rest assured you will be given the style make-over you deserve.

Below are some before and after images of our fabulous clients, just to show how amazing you too can look. Click to see all.