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Boudoir Photo Shoot Outfit Guide 101

Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

One thing all women can agree on is their want and need to feel/look sexy and have that sex appeal regardless of their body shapes or sizes. If you’ve already booked in for a boudoir session with us or are considering booking one and unsure what to bring; then congratulations – you have come to the right place!

Although boudoir photography is all about self-empowerment and having the freedom to wear whatever you feel like; this freedom of choice can also leave many women struggling and not knowing what to wear or bring to their boudoir shoot. Well, stress no more ladies as we hope this post will prepare you for your session in the most effective way.


Boudoir Photography Outfit IdeasPush yourself outside your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to try on different outfits. There is no restriction when it comes to boudoir and whilst lingerie can sometimes be expensive; it’s definitely worth the investment to give you that extra confidence. If you are particularly concerned about some areas of your body and you wish to keep them hidden; our experienced boudoir photographer will direct you into flattering poses and angles without showcasing these parts. Alternatively, you can also wear non-lingerie clothing such as sheer dresses, silk tight-fitted dresses, jeans and make them look twice as more provocative.

Boudoir Photography Outfit IdeasItems like your man’s oversized shirts and football jerseys can work wonders. Especially, if your boudoir shoot is as a surprise gift for your partner. Trust us – even a plain white t-shirt can go a long way!

A common struggle for curvy women is finding the perfect lingerie to flatter their shape. A loose fitting mesh dress or see-through top can be very effective. Picking a theme such as our VaVa Voom (Pin-up & Burlesque), Magnifique (Glamour) or even our Risque (50 Shades of Grey) can open you up to various outfit options that you probably would’ve never thought of.

Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

Colours & Materials:

Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

When it comes to choosing colours; not only is it important to consider the colours that suit you best but you also need to take into consideration the colours that will look best in the photos. Most women feel their best in black as it’s a classic and commonly considered a safe choice. Although, we completely agree and think that black lingerie can be effortlessly sexy;  we want our women to explore her true inner sexiness, experiment with different colours and reach her true potential. Colours like deep red, champagne colour and jewel tones like ruby, midnight blue, teal can be seductive and successful in setting you up in the right mood. It is usually best to avoid brighter colours like fluorescent and neon.

When it comes to materials; lace and mesh are very tasteful as it gives off a sexual vibe with a subtle hint of revelation and tease. Other materials that work best are satin and silk.


Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

Boudoir photo shoot gives you the freedom to play-pretend and we encourage all our clients to enjoy the experience and be playful. Whilst things like pearl necklaces can give off a vintage-vibe; we also encourage women to not be hesitant in bringing any sexy bedroom accessories they wish to shoot with for example; handcuffs, whips or mask. The options are endless and there’s no need to be shy!

We’ll suggest that you bring a variety of accessories and we can assist you in matching the right ones to your outfits.

Shoes like heels, stilettos and thigh highs boots in a variety of colours also play an important role.


Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

Forget stressing about what outfits to bring and BARE it all!

Baring it all doesn’t always mean you have to photograph exposing all parts of your body. There are many creative ways to photograph without having all your modest parts shown on camera. Studio lighting, poses and angles can make all the difference.

Nude photographs are some men’s favourite type of photos, and with our photographer’s guidance, we can make your sessions subtle yet sexy and creatively cover certain areas you don’t want on show. Guaranteed to set your partner’s imagination wild!

Some key tips to remember when it comes to outfits:

– Wear loose clothing prior to attending your shoot to avoid leaving marks on your skin.

– Cut tags and labels off the lingeries/outfits to avoid any distractions in the photos. Don’t forget to remove the sticky price tags from the bottom of your shoes.

– Not every outfit has to be a generic lingerie, be adventurous.

– Always bring more than what you think you’ll need as we can offer you assistance in choosing the right ones.

For more ideas on what to bring, please click links below to see our mood board of suggestions (links open in a new page).

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