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Boudoir Photography Workshop


Boudoir photography is the appreciation of female/male body-forms that only by practice can be mastered or perfected! By putting our extensive knowledge of boudoir photography into practice; knowledge gained by working with hundreds of clients with varying shapes & sizes, we are able to pass on some of the tricks and know-how’s to achieve stunning boudoir images, either as an amateur, hobbyist or professional.

By booking our boudoir photography workshop, you will expect to learn a number of varied photography skills such as; optimising your cameras functionality, how to pose guide, studio and natural lighting processes. 

Our workshop offers you a personalised 1-to-1 experience with an experienced lingerie or art-nude model in conjunction with our boudoir photographer who has over 15years experience and whose work can be seen in our galleries.


  • 1-to-1 classes suitable for beginners, intermediate & advanced.
  • Depth of field in boudoir photography.
  • Poses direction for that wow factor.
  • Settings for using pro studio lighting.
  • Shooting in natural and available light.
  • Use of props and advance lighting modes.
  • Achieving best black & white images.
  • Black & White image conversions.
  • Post Production tips to achieve perfect finish.
  • 1-to-1 studio shoot with model.
  • Expert picture critique & advice.
  • Up to 3hrs with hands-on practice with model & 2 choices of themes.
  • Choice of Boudoir, Glamour or Art Nude* Photography.
  • And many more.

*additional £150 art nude model fee applies.

  • Couples Workshop suitable for beginners, intermediate & advanced.
  • Chance to photograph your partner.
  • Poses direction for that wow factor.
  • Settings for using pro studio lighting.
  • Shooting in natural and available light.
  • Expert assistance offered.
  • Use of 3 colour backgrounds/themes
  • Digital copy of all pictures taken.
  • Expert picture critique & advice.
  • 2hrs hands-on practical workshop.
  • Choice of Art Nude, Erotic Boudoir or Glamour Photography.
  • And many more.

Please call us on 01164 827 700 or e-mail us to choose an available class/workshop date then click below to make your payment. Once your booking has been made, a confirmation email with all the details required will be sent over.

Boudoir Classes & Workshops

As classes are 1-to-1, dates are subject to availability. Please contact us to book your place.

I was a little nervous thinking I would feel slightly intimidated as a novice, but I was made to feel at ease! Very informative and made me realise I had more to learn. I will be back!
Mike E.

Loved it! Wish there was more time. Felt very relaxed and so much fun.
Samantha S-C.

This has increased my knowledge of manual settings on my camera when I was never confident to use it.
Brilliant class wish we had more time. Thank you.
Sanjeer G.

Good explanation of lighting technique and model positions. Course tutor knowledge was excellent
and put me at ease straight away.
Kev S.

Thank you for being patient and making last weeks class much fun. I very much enjoyed it and
found it informative. You made it seem so easy. Looking forward to the next classes.
Amanda M.

Very enjoyable and informative. Well worth it.
Tony B.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I booked this course in terms of how much I would learn.
Totally glad I attended. Now I know how it is meant to be done properly. Cheers.
Fiona P.

I highly recommend this class if you’re thinking of attending one. Very friendly yet professionally
delivered. The model knew exactly what to do which really did help. Looking forward to
putting what I learnt into practice.
Mike A.

Thoroughly enjoyed this class. Well put together and a burst of informative tips. Although I
wish it lasted longer, guess time flies when you’re having fun. I will definitely be back for more.
Mrs Curtis.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to take beautiful pictures of my wife reason why I attended your
class. I am delighted I did, I learnt quiet a few tricks and techniques, most especially with lights.

My second class today and still learning new things. It was fun as usual and I’ve got some new
photos to add to my portfolio. Thank you.
Matt J.

As well as our 1-to-1 classes, we also organise regular couples boudoir photography workshops for ‘budding photographers’ wanting to photograph their partners in a professional boudoir studio setting. These workshops are ideal for couples looking for something fun, special and sexy to do together. You may even take turns snapping each other! Full assistance and guidance are provided throughout the workshop with ample opportunity to create some wonderful works of art of each other.

Photographer must be 18yrs+ & with a DSLR camera to attend. DSLR camera with lens are available for hire at just £50/class subject to availability (requested during booking). Click tabs above for full details. All package prices include lingerie model hire fees, studio, lighting/ triggers and props.