Our Mission

every woman should be made to feel special...

Our Mission

Every woman should be made to feel special, sexy, pampered and in love with their body. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as we are constantly bombarded with beautiful nearly perfect looking images everyday in magazines and on TV. The outcome is that, we feel we're not beautiful or sexy enough to look like the images we've seen. Of course, that is far from the truth, you too can look just as beautiful and sexy in your pictures.

"I can't recommend the whole experience enough....I was very nervous having photographs taken of myself wearing very little but the photographer was such fun, reassuring and, being a man, knew exactly which shots my husband would appreciate. This is exactly what experience every woman should have at least once in their life, not just for somebody else, but for themselves too.... Just do it, you won't regret it. Promise....

A lot of money, time and professional help were spent to achieve those nearly perfect looking pictures, not to mention the computer wizardry used. We have invested considerable resources on top equipments and training, so you too can look just as good! Our mission is to empower women, to make you look and feel sexy. We want you to realise just how beautiful you truly are and hopefully, give you the much needed confidence boost when you see how amazing your pictures look. Our clients are everyday women just like yourself and not professional models. Majority didn't like having their pictures taken, felt unsexy, nervous or not photogenic. However, all that changed when they stepped into our boudoir studio and now, you too can have a set of hot sexy portraits of yourself.

Beginning with your expert make over, to your sexy photo shoot and transformation of your pictures into works of art, your time with us is geared at making you feel that extra special. Whilst in the studio, you will be professionally directed throughout by our experienced sole male photographer, whose artistic work graces this website and has worked with hundreds of happy and empowered women. As 98% of our female clients have their boudoir pictures taken as a gift or surprise for their male partners, your pictures will be taken to appeal to him. We don't want him telling you that your pictures are cute, rather; hot, sexy, amazing, wow, OMG are just some of the words he will use.

Our make up and hair styling guru will also ensure you look a million dollar, in readiness for your boudoir shoot and will always be on hand to offer assistance as and when needed. Be rest assured that, if you're looking to have your sexy boudoir portraits taken, and need a smashing set of pictures either for yourself or as an amazing gift to blow your partner's socks off; then we're here for you as we look forward to making you look and feel ultra sexy - 'cos that's what you are!