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Your Boudoir Shoot Preparation Guide

Now that you have booked your boudoir photoshoot, it’s time to get organized and more importantly, to be excited for one of the best gifts you will give to yourself this year!

If you think the fun starts once you arrive into the studio, you’d be mistaken. Planning, anticipating and preparing for your boudoir photoshoot is half the fun! It takes time, but it’s so worth it once you get your hands on your beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.

Here are some simple things to consider which you can do to ensure that you feel like a goddess and prepare for this life changing experience.

uk boudoir studio leicester
Start prepping for your boudoir shoot.


A common question we receive when it comes to skin prep for their boudoir photoshoot is tanning and whether they should come bronzed or not. The choice is entirely up to you, however if you are wishing to have a bronzed body we strongly advise that you book a highly recommended professional spray tan a few days prior to your shoot with us to ensure that it is applied well with no streaks or uneven patches.

The best way to prep your skin for photo ready condition is to moisturise your skin daily, a week leading up to the shoot and again, avoid applying any self tan or spray tan onto the skin.

Make sure any facials or waxing are done at least 5 days before your shoot. If you haven’t waxed prior to the shoot then simply shaving on the day or the day before will avoid any redness, soreness or reactions that might happen if you try to start waxing before the shoot.

uk studio boudoir leicester
Make sure your skin is ready to glow!


If you have booked with us, your hair will be styled by a professional so you don’t need to do anything apart from when you arrive, sit back and relax!

Before the shoot, indulge in a hair mask so your hair is looking ultra glossy and shiny. Then, when you come to the shoot, make sure your hair is with freshly washed, dry and ready to be styled so that it can be given the VIP treatment.

If you dye your hair, get your hair appointment done for the week of your boudoir session to make sure you are happy with the result.

uk boudoir studio leicester
Hair & Nails Boudoir Style


Depending on your outfit choices, many of our clients love to treat themselves with a manicure and pedicure before there shoot with us. Pampering yourself will only make you feel more glamorous, and remember your boudoir photoshoot is about doing something for YOU. So treat yourself. From our experience, we would suggest looking at choosing a bright colour such as blue, red or white.


If you are struggling for inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest board for some inspiration to get you started.

Give yourself a couple of weeks to try different outfits in different stores, not every style will suit you so its all about being patient and open minded to styles and designs. Why not book yourself in with a lingerie fitter/specialist that can help pick out some outfits?

The amount of outfits choices you wish to bring is entirely up to you. We generally say that bringing more than you need is better than not bringing enough. Our stylist can advise and guide you on the day what will look great on you.

Before leaving for your shoot, make sure that you try to avoid wearing tight clothing, it’s amazing how tight clothes can leave marks your skin for hours.

uk boudoir studio leicester
Feel comfortable and sexy in what you’re wearing!


Before arriving at your boudoir photoshoot, it’s always good to have a rough idea of the type of look and photos you are looking to achieve with the photographer. Once your photoshoot is underway you are always open to changing the style and type of boudoir you want, however they are a great starting point for you and the photographer. There are a wide range of boudoir styles to suit your personality, going from classic and modest to the more risqué side of boudoir. The full range of boudoir styles can be found in our ‘Gallery’ section of our website.

uk boudoir studio leicester
Vixen Themed Boudoir


Even if you have some specific looks in mind, bring some extra stuff– extra stockings, lingerie sets, extra hair accessories, extra jewellery and whatever else you can think of.

You never know what will inspire you in the photographer’s studio and maybe after the first few pictures you realize that you would rather wear something completely different to what you first imagined!

Do you have a favourite silk dressing gown, feather fan or prop? Bring them all with you! It’s all about showcasing you with things you love and feel comfortable either wearing or using.

uk boudoir studio leicester
Pack your bags!


Leading up to your boudoir shoot it is important that you are getting a good nights rest, as this will importantly help rejuvenate your skin, making it look and feel radiant and fresh.

Though admittedly we all like a glass of wine from time to time, you should look to be to avoiding drinking any alcohol at least 24 hours prior to your photoshoot. Why? Alcohol dehydrates which can make your eyes red and your skin to look puffy. Whats more, having alcohol in your system may affect your sleep, circulation and digestion prior to the shoot when you want to make sure that you are feeling fabulous!

Eat something light the morning of the shoot, even if you think you’re a bit bloated after you eat, we can guarantee that you most likely won’t be able to tell when looking at your photos. We photograph everyone so their body looks incredible, regardless of shape or size.

uk boudoir studio leicester
Diet, Sleep & Hydration



After reading this article you are already a few steps ahead for being prepared to rock your upcoming boudoir photoshoot!

If you have booked with us and you have any concerns or are needing any advice you are always welcome to message us.

Contact us today to start your boudoir experience.

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