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5 Steps To Boudoir Confidence

UK Boudoir Photography Studio

Our 5 Steps to feeling confident in front of the camera.

1 – Do Your Research – Before you go for your Boudoir shoot, take some time to browse the studio’s website and look at their testimonials. When you see how great other clients shoots have turned out, you’ll start to relax about your own. You need to have trust in the photographer, and the studio, to put any worries at bay, and reading up on other peoples experiences will reduce any concerns you have and make you much calmer about your boudoir experience.

2 Bring The Right Outfits – It’s really important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing in front of the camera. The more comfortable you feel, the more relaxed you will be and the better the pictures will come out. We always encourage women to bring along a favourite lingerie set, or something they know they will look amazing in, but it’s also great to push the boundaries a little bit and step out of your comfort zone. We recommend making an excuse to go shopping and picking something up thats a bit risqué compared to what would usually be found in your lingerie drawer. You’ll be amazed at the sense of empowerment you’ll feel.

Boudoir Studio Leicester UK
Choose The Right Outfits

3 – Body Preparation  – This means very different things to different women, but generally it’s necessary to go for a leg or bikini wax, get your nails done, or have a professional spray tan a few days before the shoot, if this is what makes you more confident. Some women find upping their gym routine a few weeks before the shoot really boosts their confidence, but again it is completely a personal preference and as long as you feel great in front of the camera, we guarantee you will look sensational too.

Boudoir Studio Leicester UK
Body Preparations

4 – Relax – We understand that the experience may be out of your comfort zone, which will naturally make you more nervous. Take some time to yourself on the day of your shoot to relax and ensure you are not in a rush to get to the studio, as this will make you more anxious. Why not take the morning off work, treat yourself to some light lunch, or maybe have a cup of coffee with a friend before you get there. Take our word for it…you will feel a lot calmer and more comfortable if you arrive in plenty of time and avoid rushing.

Boudoir Studio Leicester UK

5 – Trust The Experts. When you arrive at our studio, you’ll notice straight away that our Boudoir team are true professionals. We do these shoots regularly and know what works, so trust your makeup and hair stylist as she will make sure you look your best underneath the strong studio lighting and behind a professional camera lens (even if it’s not something you would normally have thought to do). Our boudoir photographer shoots this style of photography all the time, so will know which pose suits which body shape, or what lingerie will look best against different backdrops. Don’t worry about having to make too many decisions; just sit back and let us guide you through your shoot – trust us, we’re the experts!

Boudoir Studio Leicester UK
Trust The Experts

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