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hy Bridal Boudoir Shoot Is The Best Wedding Gift Idea

It’s that time of the year already where we get a busy diary with brides wanting to surprise their partners with the amazing gift of themselves for their wedding. Luckily enough, this trend has been popularised by several happy clients we’ve worked with and not forgetting the power of media – from TV & magazine articles featuring this growing trend.

But for the few who still need convincing, here are 5 good reasons why a wedding bridal boudoir makeover shoot makes the perfect gift idea –


Why not watch our short film below or see our bridal boudoir photography?


What would he love more than seeing sexy pictures of the woman he loves professionally taken as a 1 OFF gift FOR HIM?

bridal boudoir photography


You can buy a pair of Rolex (or something fancy) in the comfort of your home or at your convenience but he knows you must have had to make a lot of effort to get those sexy pictures done FOR HIM.

bridal boudoir photography


He will be a proud ‘boy’! For many years, he has had to ‘endure’ looking at other glamorous women in magazines and on TV but now with the knowledge that his wife-to-be HAS GOT IT too!

bridal boudoir photography


Above all, you will LOOK & FEEL amazing about yourself and your confidence will be greatly boosted. A gift that keeps giving…

bridal boudoir photography

Still in doubt? Why not read some of our verified clients reviews here from real-women without previous modelling or professional photo shoot experiences and from others who hated having their pictures taken but were swayed otherwise on seeing the result of our work?

Contact us today to start your amazing bridal boudoir experience.

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