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Wedding Boudoir Photography

What Is Bridal Boudoir Photography?

Bridal boudoir photography focuses on capturing intimate and sensual images of discerning brides-to-be as a unique gift idea for their partner and as an empowering experience for themselves. The aim of our bridal boudoir photography services is to create a collection of tasteful, elegant, and artistic images that celebrate your beauty and sensuality to excite your partner.

We provide a full beauty makeover, variety of luxurious studio backdrops to compliment your bridal lingerie/outfits and props to really amp up the sexiness of your shoot. This makeover experience is for absolutely anyone who wants to surprise their fiancé with a very sexy, provocative gift. Not only that, it’s also an amazing opportunity to take some time out from all the wedding planning and have some time to yourself to get pampered in your makeover from our expert stylist.

Your professionally retouched pictures may be presented in one of our bespoke personalised albums, digital USB format or other photographic products we provide here.

Why not press play below to watch our ‘cheeky’ wedding boudoir film?

Bridal Boudoir Gallery

Why Do it?

Personal Empowerment: Our bridal boudoir photography experience can be a transformative, self-confidence boosting experience that helps our clients embrace their bodies.

Intimate Gift: Many brides choose to give their partner a collection of intimate images as a wedding gift. It can be a thoughtful and unique way to express your love and desire.

Pre-Wedding Celebration: Your session can also serve as a celebration of your upcoming wedding and a great way to commemorate this special time in your life.

What to bring?

Your wedding lingerie, veil, shoes and any other accessories for the big day. It’s great to bring along a sports shirt in his favourite team as an outfit or a prop, as well as some normal black or coloured lingerie sets so we can take a variety of pictures. For inspiration, click here to see our Pinterest board.