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Feel Like Cancelling - Your Shoot?

Leading up to the day of your boudoir session,  you’ve been checking your calendar; counting down the remaining days you have left to get your body in shape. “I’m not sexy enough yet”, “I need to lose more weight”, “I’m too self-conscious” – are just some of the few common reasons why women/men frequently cancel their boudoir session.

As we understand that boudoir sessions can be extremely terrifying for some women, especially if it’s your first time! The idea of shooting in very minimal clothes with a complete stranger can be mentally challenging. It can consume your mind to the point where you end up cancelling and backing out from this amazing body-positive experience. So don’t worry, we get it! 

We are eager to erase those fears and make you go through this empowering, once in a lifetime experience.

Here are 5 reasons why you should always show up to your boudoir session. 

So close yet so far 

My Beautiful Boudoir Photography Studio

Almost there! You’ve done the difficult part and been brave to book a boudoir session; so now all there’s left to do is the simplest part which is showing up to your shoot! 

Before booking with us, you had the mindset that you wanted to experience a boudoir photoshoot; so what’s changed now? It is normal to feel anxious before any new experience but do you remember the sweet taste/feeling of accomplishing something that you were initially too afraid to do? Face your fears because your fears are never as bad as you may think they are.

The result will be self-empowering, confidence-boosting and self-loving – which are all so close yet so far! So make sure you do not cancel your shoot and miss out on this amazing experience. 

The boudoir photoshoot experience is mainly targeted at women/men who need that extra self-esteem boost. Therefore, don’t feel lost and end up cancelling your session. You might regret it later! You are in the right place and our boudoir photoshoot is 100% for you

Reviews and blogs

Reading reviews on our site is another way for you to overcome your fears. Many women go through the same emotions and feelings during their first-ever boudoir experience, so what better way to boost your own confidence than by reading about their experiences.

Many women just like yourself have managed to pucker up the courage and go through their photoshoot that they now look back on and think why they even doubted themselves in the first place. If they can! YOU CAN TOO!

You can also read through our blogs and find out more in detail about boudoir photoshoots, what we offer, guide to boudoir photoshoot outfits, ideas for poses, boudoir hairstyle ideas etc. These blog posts will give you more knowledge on the versatility of boudoir photography, convince you with confidence and get you more prepared leading up to your shoot. 

Reading the contents we’ve created will help you a lot more than you may think! So give them a read!

My Beautiful Boudoir Photography Studio

Assistance with poses and angles

Still not convinced and want to cancel your session?

Here, our clients are our priority!  If your sole reason for wanting to cancel your shoot is because you’re uncomfortable and nervous about not knowing how to pose; then you don’t need to worry. You’ll be assisted with poses throughout your shoot. You’ll learn to love and appreciate your body.

“Do I need to get naked” – is one of the frequently asked questions. The simple answer to this is NO! You do not need to get naked to do a boudoir shoot. There are no set rules and you have the freedom to go with any level of nudity that you’re comfortable with. However, should you wish to, our experienced photographer can also direct you with poses and angles that will cover your modest areas and your so-called “problem” areas.

My Beautiful Boudoir Photography Studio

Celebrate your size – “Normal Body Doesn’t Exist”

The common misconception of needing to be a “normal body size” for boudoir photo shoots; is one of the popular reasons why women/men cancel their sessions. 

However, what is a “Normal Size”? Such thing as a “Normal size” doesn’t exist because everybody regardless of their size or shape are always able to point out something “abnormal” about their body/body parts. 

The key to loving your body is accepting your body/size for what it is and boudoir photo shoots help you do just that!    

Allow us to make you fall in love with yourself by celebrating your size with boudoir photo shoot. 

My Beautiful Boudoir Photography Studio


Along with the privilege of a welcoming professional team, great hospitality, guidance for poses, outfit choices etc. You also get the privilege of a full makeover (hair & face). So, what’s not to love?

All you have to do is turn up for your session and allow us to pamper you. It really is just as simple as that!

Whether it’s dramatic or subtle makeup – voluminous, curly or straight hair. You name it and we’ll grant it all.

Our professional makeup artist has 8+ years of experience within boudoir makeover so don’t hesitate to make your request.  

My Beautiful Boudoir Photography Studio


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