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Cheap Boudoir Photography

Cheap Boudoir Photography Studio

Taking off your clothes to pose for a boudoir photoshoot is enough to make most of us feel nervous about the whole experience. We’re often told of the horror stories our clients have heard or read about or even previously endured themselves at the hands of other boudoir studios, and these have largely contributed to their pre-shoot nerves – understandably!

From how terrible their makeovers were (i.e the ‘drag queen’ makeup effect), the lack of privacy or how rushed they felt (i.e the conveyor-belt experience) to unprofessional photographers making uncomfortable remarks; we’ve heard all about it.

Unfortunately, these sort of awful experiences are more commonplace with boudoir photographers or studios offering cheap packages! The wise saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more apt when it comes to boudoir photography and here are some reasons why professional boudoir photography that offers true empowerment and builds confidence cannot be offered on the cheap.

Boudoir Photography ExpertisE 

Your boudoir shoot isn’t just about your pictures, it should be about the whole package! From pre-shoot communication/booking processes to having your hair and makeup done professionally and the studio ambience, everything should be thoroughly put into consideration when looking to book a boudoir photographer. An expert boudoir photographer isn’t just someone excellent at taking great photos but most importantly, they’ve also got to make you feel amazing about yourself and your body! To put the right team together to achieve this level of excellence can’t be done by hiring ‘cheap labour’.

Cheap Boudoir Photography Studio

Props, Studio Sets & Equipments  

Unlike generic portrait studios or other genres of photography, to shoot boudoir photography effectively requires many expensive resources. Having various suitable props and photoshoot sets, such as luxurious bedroom backdrops, wet shower scenes & dressing table sets (we offer all these and more!) is a real investment!

The professional cameras and lighting equipments designed to make you look like ‘Hollywood stars’ also come with hefty price tags.

Cheap Boudoir Photography Studio

Time Dedicated To Your Experience

At My Beautiful Boudoir, we only book one client throughout the duration of your experience to ensure your total privacy and to give you our undivided attention. Our studio is all yours!

A common misconception is to calculate the package prices offered to the amount of time your studio experience takes. However, as well as the time we spend preparing for your shoot, and your time in our studio, you must also consider that we spend several more laborious hours behind a computer screen retouching your pictures into works of art and creating your bespoke albums.

Cheap Boudoir Photography Studio

Photography Products Offered  

We don’t believe it’s acceptable to take such fantastic photos of you to then present them in cheap, tacky photography products. That’s why we only supply high quality products with great aesthetics, longevity and craftsmanship to further showcase your true beauty.

Most of our products can be customised to your own taste and requirements, hence providing unique gift ideas that cannot be replicated anywhere else! But don’t just take our word for it, click here to see some of our quality products.

Boudoir Photography Studio Products

Your Empowerment Is Priceless  

The most important point of all! Boudoir photography is about empowerment and providing a heightened sense of self confidence.

If you can see resounding proof through previous client reviews and testimonials that this empowerment is achievable, then the price tag shouldn’t be prioritised over your well being, self love and body confidence. They all come first!

Cheap Boudoir Photography Studio

Contact us today to begin your empowering experience.

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