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Why We Love The'C' Word

My_beautiful_Boudoir_Studio_October is the start of the ‘C’ word being used far more than usual! With Christmas fast approaching, this begins the lead to our busiest period of the year. It is no doubt our favourite time of the year and below, we explore some of the reasons why our clients choose to experience our Christmas boudoir makeover shoots. 


Boudoir Photography Studio

Christmas is about giving and spreading love to those dear to us. In the fast paced world we live in, it is easy to buy expensive gift items by a simple click of a button and for good measure, request a next day delivery because you’ve left it to the last minute. But nothing says you care more than a well thought through gift!

A gift you’ve not only invested your money in but, more importantly, your time too. After all, what gift could be more personal or intimate than a bit of yourself?

With a choice of personalised products such as our Calendars, Digital Albums presented in luxurious gift boxes, you can be certain you’re giving your partner a truly individual gift that no-one else can give them!


Christmas spells the end of another year and as we look forward to welcoming a new year, it is always a great time to treat ourselves.

A factor which is more relevant this Christmas as a result of the misery COVID19 unleashed in 2020 and there’s no doubt, we could all use some extra TLC!

However, unlike any typical pampering experience, when you book your boudoir makeover session with us, you are guaranteed a set of sizzling photos of yourself to look back at.


Boudoir Photography Studio

And if there’s one thing that over 100 client reviews all agree on, it’s the feeling of empowerment that comes with our boudoir makeover shoots. 

Every woman should do this at some point in her life! As a mature woman with low self-esteem this was the confidence booster I needed. From the minute I arrived the atmosphere was very relaxed. Firstly was the hair and make up consultation with D, who asked what sort of look I wanted . She discussed the process throughout and gave me a few tips as well. She certainly made me feel very much at ease and the make up was stunning. I didn’t realise I could look that good! Following the make up session, Michael and I discussed the type of shots I was aiming for. He selected which items of clothing should be worn for which shots and helped with the choice of jewellery to complement. Michael is a true professional Who has the ability to make you feel totally comfortable no matter what, or how little, you are wearing. He makes the whole session fun and knows instinctively how to get the best from you. After the session we sat down to make the choice of photos, extremely difficult when so many are so good. I chose to be guided by Michael and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished results. Thank you for a fabulous afternoon – and the laughs! ” M


Glamour Photography StudioIf you are into your Christmas as much as we are, then this will be just perfect for you!

With special studio sets available during the lead-up to Christmas, this is the only time of the year to utilise some of our special Christmas themed backgrounds and sets. 

Contact us today to start your Christmas Boudoir Makeover experience.


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