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YLA, 30 Cank Street, Leicester. LE1 5GW
+44 (0) 7943 604 788
Confidential Boudoir Photography

What Is It?
A seductive, mysterious body focused shoot style, for ladies who want to keep their face out of the picture and focus on using their body and its stunning shape to create artistic and glamorous pictures. Omitting faces from your boudoir photographs doesn’t make them any less beautiful, and for this shoot we really focus on how your body looks against our studio themes, and creating stunning photography no matter your body type. For our high-class escort photography, please click here.

Why Confidentiel?
A very popular style of shoot for women that need to keep their identity a mystery, or if you just want to try out something a little bit different and creative.

What to bring?
As your body is the main focus of this shoot, the lingerie you bring is very important. We recommend bright colours, sexy black and white, or a classic red lingerie set to really show off your figure and make the most of your features. We do have a variety of masks if needed to partly cover up your face.

Interested In Video?
We shoot anonymous videos too! Click here for more video samples.