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YLA, 30 Cank Street, Leicester. LE1 5GW
+44 (0) 7943 604 788
Couples Boudoir Photography

What Is It?
Our unique couples photography shoot encourages you and your partner to experience a sexy shoot together, and is a great way to include elements of not only your personality but also your relationship into a set of stunning photographs for you to both enjoy. They can be as sexy, playful or seductive as you want them to be, and its a great time to play around with different elements of what makes your relationship special. As with all of our different photography shoot styles, we have a variety of themes and backdrops for you to pose against, and you’ll have great fun planning it and having input as a couple.

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Why Moulin Rouge?
If you’re looking for something to spice up your relationship or want to celebrate a special occasion, it’s a great way to spend a day together creating and capturing a fun and sexy experience. The photos will make a great album for you to look back on, or even as a canvas print in your bedroom to show off your sexiness and the love between you.

What to bring?
We suggest lingerie sets and stockings, high heels and corsets or baby doll nighties for the ladies, and for the guys we recommend stylish boxers or underwear. Try to coordinate colours and styles to really add that high quality ‘couple’ feel.