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Couples Sexy Boudoir Shoot - What Really Happens

Boudoir photo shoot for couples has become a much more popular choice with our clients. Perhaps it’s to do with the 50 Shades of Grey movie or we’re becoming a lot less inhibited – which of course is great news!

After all, what better way is there to express your love and romance for each other than through artistic pictures that will be immortalised for a lifetime? Perfect for the exhibitionist or shy and retiring type.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes down during our couples shoot, then here’s the load down – Don’t say we’re not kind to you.

Pictures featured below are of real clients during their 1st ever couples boudoir shoot. So… you too can do this!


No makeover photo shoot is complete without a professional hair and facial makeover. As such, on arrival to our studio and depending on the package you’ve chosen, you will be treated to a relaxing makeover session for him* & her whilst you sip champagne and nibble assorted chocolates to calm those pre shoot nerves.

beautiful boudoir erotic couples shoot


This is the moment we turn our couples into Miss Money Penny & James Bond! A superb way to make our couples relax and get into the swing of things. It also provides a great opportunity for our photographer to get to know the couples a little bit more and vice-versa.

beautiful boudoir erotic couples shoot


At this point, nerves are much calmer and everyone is feeling super almost relaxed. The couples are encouraged to pose in more suggestive and sexier positions to achieve our ‘trade mark’ couples boudoir shots. At this stage, we use a variety of lighting techniques and studio themes to enhance the mood.

beautiful boudoir erotic couples shoot


The final part of our couples sexy boudoir shoot involves looking through the pictures created whilst enjoying a variety of refreshments. This usually has a lot of ‘lol’ moments and a surprised look at how sexy the pictures have turned out. Don’t just take our words for it, below are a couple of recent feedbacks from our couples boudoir shoot.

beautiful boudoir erotic couples shoot

“Very enjoyable day. We will take away fond memories of the experience. Our photographer made us feel we could request what we were comfortable with. The suit and posh dress to start is a really clever way to start as you get to know the photographer and ease into the shoot. I would definitely recommend trying this. My husband is already talking about doing it again! The hair and make up at the start is really brilliant. I absolutely loved it and my husband approved of the end result!” Emma & Lee.

“Just finished having our couples photoshoot at My Beautiful Boudoir and the whole experience was amazing. On arrival my husband was very nervous so the photographer made both him and myself really relaxed by doing some more natural and clothed pictures before proceeding further into the more boudoir pics. He was very friendly and made the whole experience very relaxing, also took some fantastic photos that we are looking forward to getting the prints. Also the make up artist was really lovely and professional and helped us achieve the look we wanted. Thank you very much for a great experience. Kirsty & Ryan.

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