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COVID-19 We've Reopened!

My Beautiful Boudoir

We have now reopened for photo shoots and the safety of everyone involved (staff & clients) will always be our top priority.

As the country begins to ease out of lockdown restrictions and some form of normality resumes, we understand the need for reassurance regarding steps we are taking to safeguard our clients and staff from COVID-19 during your visit to our studio.

We are a small, health conscious team and our studio is large enough to observe social distancing. Below are some of the steps we’ve put in place to prevent the spread of the virus, all of which are in line with the most recent government guidelines and recommendations.

1. COVID-19 Risk Avssessment

Before reopening, a thorough risk assessment of possible transmission hotspots was carried out focusing on the 4 main areas our clients are exposed to. The table below shows the results and any recommendations taken.

Arrival Hall Yes Yes
Makeover Room Yes No*
Studio Space Yes Yes
Picture Viewing Lounge Yes Yes
2. Improved Hand washing and Hygiene Procedures

We have increased the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning by:

– Providing hand sanitisers around the studio for staff and clients.

– Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly.

– Limiting the number of bookings we take per day to allow enhanced cleaning before and after each shoot.

3. Working From Home

We have limited our studio staff to a maximum of two during your visit in order to reduce the number of people you may come in contact with.

The only people working in the studio will be our Make-up & Hair Stylist and our Photographer.

4. TWO metre Social Distancing Enforcement

Where possible, we will continue to observe the 2m social distancing recommendation. *Where this is not possible, our staff will wear government approved protective face shield and/or face mask.


Although we would normally have hot drinks and refreshments to offer while you’re at our studio, but until further notice, we kindly ask that you bring your own drinks to further prevent any chances of spreading the virus. Provided is a cold water dispenser should you need to refill your water bottle.

We hope to see you soon at My Beautiful Boudour Studio but till then, remain safe. 

“We cannot re-write the chapters of history already past, but we can learn from them, evolve and adapt. The new normal may even be a better normal, certainly a different normal” 

Mark Pringle


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