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Fitness Boudoir Photography

What Exactly Is La Forme Boudoir Shoot?

La Forme (Fitness) boudoir photography is a unique and empowering form of photography that combines elements of fitness and boudoir to create stunning and captivating images. It celebrates the strength, confidence, and beauty of clients who are passionate about fitness and wish to showcase their hard work and dedication.

Boudoir photography, in its essence, focuses on capturing intimate and sensual images that highlight your beauty and self-confidence, whilst fitness boudoir photography takes the concept a step further by incorporating fitness elements into your shoot. It embraces your muscular definition, toned physique, and overall athleticism; merging the worlds of fitness and sensuality in a visually stunning way.

Our primary objective on a fitness boudoir photoshoot is to celebrate your physical achievements and capture your unique personality. As we showcase the hard work, discipline, and dedication you have put into your fitness journey.

During your fitness boudoir photoshoot, various elements come together to create a memorable experience. From your professional hair and facial makeover, to our private studio gym which has various exercise fitness equipment and props, carefully chosen to showcase your physique and highlight your athletic prowess.

Why not read Our 5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Fitness Boudoir Shoot or scroll down for more info, galleries and package options?

Fitness Boudoir Gallery

Why Fitness Boudoir Photography?

The impact of the fitness boudoir photography experience we provide extends beyond the photoshoot itself. Our clients report increased self-confidence, body acceptance, and a renewed sense of pride in their fitness journey. It provides an opportunity to celebrate and document personal growth, serving as a reminder of their capabilities and potential.

The resulting images from your fitness boudoir photoshoot are guaranteed to be stunning and empowering. They will serve as a tangible reminder of your physical accomplishments, inner strength, and beauty. Cherished privately or shared on your social media platforms to inspire and empower others.

It is important to note that our fitness boudoir photography is not limited to a specific body type or gender. Our sessions celebrate diversity and inclusivity, embracing individuals of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Our sessions serve as a powerful tool for promoting body positivity, self-acceptance, and self-love and we invite you to experience it for yourself!

What Should I Bring?

You may choose to wear a combination of fitness attire, such as sports bras, leggings, and trainers, along with more intimate pieces like lingerie or strategically placed fabrics. Your wardrobe selection depends on your individual preferences and the overall mood and style you wish to achieve.

Our photographer will provide full guidance in posing techniques that showcase and accentuates your muscle definition, strength and flexibility. Whilst ensuring that your unique physical attributes, self-assuredness and body confidence is showcased.

The lighting techniques we utilise for your fitness boudoir photography plays a crucial role in setting the desired mood and enhancing your features. Usually done to emphasise your muscle definition, sculpt the body, and to create visually striking photos.

FITNESS Boudoir Packages

To make your booking, please select from package options below. Packages include the exclusive use of our private studio, full poses guidance, in-studio outfit styling assistance and after-shoot picture viewing session. For a limited time only, packages below now include 1x EXTRA digital photo offer.

Instalment payment option available at checkout.

Fitness Only
Unlimited Poses & Pictures Taken
Fitness Themed Session
Up to 3 Outfit Changes
Up to 2 Hours Long Session 
1 Digitally Retouched Photo (+1 EXTRA)
Option To Include Professional Make-Up & Hair Styling
Option To Buy Extra Retouched Photos
Fitness + Boudoir
Unlimited Poses & Pictures Taken
Fitness & 1x Boudoir Themed Session
Up to 5 Outfit Changes
Up to 3.5 Hours Long Session 
1 Professional Hair & Make-Up Styling
5 Digitally Retouched Photo (+1 EXTRA)
Option To Buy Extra Retouched Photos
Fitness + Boudoir For Couples
Unlimited Poses & Pictures Taken
Couples Fitness & 1x Boudoir Themed Session
Up to 8 Outfit Changes (4 Each)
Up to 4 Hours Long Session 
1 Professional Hair & Make-Up Styling
5 Digitally Retouched Photo (+1 EXTRA)
Option To Include Extra Make-Up & Hair Styling
Option To Buy Extra Retouched Photos

May be booked as a couples or ‘besties’ session.
Mandatory additional make-up & hair styling is required for girl/girl shoot.