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YLA, 30 Cank Street, Leicester. LE1 5GW
+44 (0) 7943 604 788
Glamour Boudoir Photography

What Is It?
Magnifique is our provocative yet girlie glamour style photography shoot. Shot against a variety of wallpapers and props within our studio, you’ll throw yourself into the luxurious and glamorous backdrops and settings to show off your feminine side whilst looking your absolute sexiest. It’s an all-round glamour experience that takes a little bit of all of our styles to create beautiful shots as a gift for a partner, a treat for yourself or for promotional portfolio shots.

Why Magnifique?
Great option if you are looking to get a taste of the glamour model lifestyle, or if you want to keep your look soft and girlie whilst still encompassing everything that is glamour.

What to bring?
Sexy lace lingerie, baby-doll nighties, body stockings or sexy hold-ups, this shoot style encourages you to wear whatever lingerie style you feel your most sexy in, whilst playing around and experimenting with feminine glamour looks. For inspiration, click here to see our Pinterest board.