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Halloween Boudoir Photo Shoot

Halloween Boudoir Photo ShootSpice up this Halloween with sexy treats and saucy tricks! 

With Halloween just around the corner, why not do something thrilling and book yourself in for a Halloween themed boudoir photo shoot? After all, halloween is not just for kids – adults should be celebrating it too. 

Let your Halloween this year be all about the “Sexy Treats” and “Saucy Tricks”!

This year, give your halloween a different meaning! Allow yourself to be sexy, sultry and spooky!


Everybody has fantasies! Whether it’s a sexual fantasy about someone or a fantasy about yourself being someone else – you are not alone. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you to conquer and invest in your crazy fantasy. Halloween Boudoir Photo Shoot is all about empowering women and discovering your alter ego!

Trick your own mind by playing dress up and becoming different characters. Pretend that you’re living in your dream fantasy land, becoming the characters you’ve always wished to become. This can be your deep and dark – freaky little secret!

All women want to look sexy! Halloween is the one holiday where you can really get away with looking as sexy and sultry as you want. From vamps to vixens and seductive to totally terrifying – the choice is all yours! 

Book yourself in for a Halloween Boudoir Photo Shoot and cherish this experience forever. Who knows, you may even be a regular to Boudoir Photo Shoot every Halloween. Perfect opportunity to explore your alter ego. 

Halloween Boudoir Photo ShootSEXY TREATS – “surprise gift”

You may not want to celebrate by partying in clubs all night with your halloween outfits – maybe you’ve been there and done that; and you’re past that phase! However, you can celebrate it at home; cosying up with your partner and gifting him your sexy photographs. Let this be his halloween treat. Sounds good, right? Isn’t this just the perfect opportunity to re-connect with your partner whilst your kids are out playing “trick or treat”?

“The best gift is one you never expected” – that’s right! The best thing about this surprise is that he/she would not be expecting a gift at all.

Put on your sexy halloween costume for erotic trick & treat with your partner.

My Beautiful Boudoir also offers “couple boudoir” photoshoots. A spontaneous activity that you and your partner could take part in this halloween.

Sexy Couples Boudoir Photographyoutfit ideas:

Your outfit choices for your sexy halloween boudoir photo shoot depends on the character you wish to play. However, some of the generic outfits that could be versatile and work well with any halloween themes are as follows:

  • Lace corset/bodice
  • Black/Red Lingerie (lace, mesh and silk are the best fabric choices)
  • Fishnet tights/ socks
  • Sexy Halloween Costumes (Playboy bunny, Bondage, Sexy nurse, Devil outfit etc)
  • Black/Red Stiletto Heels (It will pretty much go with any outfit)

Note: Always bring more that what you think you may need.

My Beautiful Boudoir gives you the privilege of a professional hair and makeup for your Boudoir Photo Shoot (inclusive with your chosen package). Any personal request for extravagant makeup and hair can also possibly be full-filled upon discussion and request.

Halloween Boudoir Photo Shoot

Contact us today to start your boudoir experience.

We also offer different types of boudoir photography. Find out more about our boudoir photo shoot services and the different themes we offer:


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