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Before Booking A Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir Photography Studio

Your boudoir photoshoot should be all about empowerment, body positivity and a totally fun experience. However, we often hear of horrific past stories of how unprofessional a studio or photographer was, sexual harassments, terrible makeovers, images that don’t flatter, the list goes on!

Bearing in mind that a boudoir shoot requires trusting a stranger to respect your privacy, it is astonishing to know that sometimes very little research is done and the only consideration is price.

While we understand the cost of your photoshoot is important, there are many other important factors too. 

We hope this post provides sufficient information on the important things to consider before booking your boudoir photoshoot.


Boudoir Photography Studio

A good reputation is worth it’s weight in gold! For us, reputation should be the no.1 factor in choosing whom should photograph you in what may be considered as a ‘compromising situation’.

A great boudoir studio and photographer will have a vast amount of past clients with only good things to say a out their experience. With the popularity of review platforms, social media business pages etc, a simple search for a studio or photographer should come up with the information you need (good or bad!).

The more amazing reviews they have, the more trusted they can be, but beware of ‘fake reviews’ and you should always read any negative reviews they might have!

What We Do

We primarily use Google & to collect & display our client reviews and we are very proud to have 100+ 5 Star verified reviews. Our lowest rating is 4 stars! We invite you to spend some time reading our amazing reviews here.


Your pre-shoot booking process and communications are important factors often overlooked. Have you tried calling several times but no one responded to your call? How about the email you sent a number of days ago but still no reply? Was the receptionist or photographer not professional when they picked up your call or responded to your email?

These are some telltale signs of bad customer service and it will only get worse if you book with them.

After all, 1st impressions matter!

What We Do

To ensure prompt and professional services, we have a number of ways we can be reached 24hrs/365days! These include two telephone lines (including a mobile number), emails which we always respond to promptly and our online chat service, where you can get immediate answers to any questions you may have by our trained staff.


Boudoir Photography Studio

It is important that you find the work of your boudoir photographer aspirational, professional and to your taste. After all, you want pictures of yourself that you will be proud of!

Other factors to consider when it comes to work style include –

Does your photographer help in guiding your poses?

Are displayed pictures of professional models (paid to shoot for gallery content) or of real-life clients?  

Will you be working with the same photographer whose work & reviews you’ve seen or will it be one of many other photographers working within the studio?

What We Do

We offer over 10 different photoshoot themes & 20 backdrops to choose from, giving you plenty of options during your photoshoot. You will also be working with the only photographer we use, whose work/reviews are on our website. All featured pictures are of real-life clients who were assisted by our photographer in posing for those stunning pictures you’ll see in our galleries here.


Boudoir Photography Studio

Part of the thrill of a boudoir shoot is the pampering experience of a professional hair & facial makeover. Some like theirs with minimal makeup, some like their makeover full on! Either way, it is imperative to know if your boudoir photoshoot will include this service and if so, will the stylist be experienced enough to provide the look you’ll love?

What We Do

Our make-up artist and hair stylist are professionally trained and have over 10yrs of photography makeover experience. By working with just 3 in-house stylists, we’re able to maintain the high level of workmanship our clients have come to know us for.


Sexy Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot Leicester Studio

Who else will be present in the studio whilst your shoot is taking place and upon completion? Do you have any control over the images that were taken of you? 

Some boudoir studios are setup to have multiple clients working with various photographers in a studio space! Although this might be a cheaper way to run a boudoir studio, unfortunately, it compromises your privacy, it’s distracting and it leads you to feel more self conscious.

What We Do

With us, our focus is only on you! We run a boutique boudoir studio, meaning that all our studio resources are provided to you, our client, during their photoshoot session. No one else, apart from our make-up artist and photographer, will be present in the studio during your shoot to ensure a relaxed and welcoming environment where your privacy can be guaranteed. To fully respect our clients privacy, we always request them to sign a form granting us permission (or not) to possibly display their pictures on our website for marketing purposes. 


Boudoir Photography Studio

We’ve left this as the last point because, it really should be your last deciding factor and not the first, like some people think!

We all enjoy a good deal but some things should not be chosen solely on how cheap they can be obtained.

For all the bad stories we’ve heard, one thing that seem to have been in common was the price that was paid for their experience.

‘You get what you pay for’ has never had such profound relevance when it comes to booking your boudoir photoshoot. 

What We Do

Our packages were set up to be highly competitive and aimed at clients looking for a superior boudoir experience. All our packages include professional makeover and full access to our studio since we don’t have more than one client present in the studio throughout the duration of their shoot; therefore ensuring total privacy and our undivided attention. To view the array of quality bespoke products we also supply, please click here.

Contact us today to book your experience or find out more on our Studio Mission!

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