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YLA, 30 Cank Street, Leicester. LE1 5GW
+44 (0) 7943 604 788

Boudoir Studio Leicester, UK

Oxford Boudoir Photographer

About US

As UK’s top sensual boudoir photographer with over a decade experience in boudoir photography; We specialize in sexy photo shoot in and around the UK. 

Our exotic shoots have been designed to make all women & men feel empowered and encourage them to discover their true inner beauty. We have an abundance of awareness and knowledge when it comes to awesome Photoshoot.

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We have 100% secure booking and payment policy. All details are confidential and we respect our customers’ privacy.

We offer various packages for customers to select from. A fixed deposit of £100 is mandatory with all packages and each package start from as little as £150. You’re also entitled to privileges of a full professional makeover; 3hrs+ intimate photoshoot session, private viewing and your selected retouched pictures. These amenities are all inclusive with your chosen package. Click here to find out more about the packages we offer.

Booking with us is straightforward! There are two ways you can book. You can either make a booking yourself by going on our website and purchasing your chosen package or you can give us a call on 01164827700 and we’ll make the booking for you. An email will be sent out to you immediately after your booking to ensure that your payment/booking is confirmed.

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