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Girlie Boudoir Photography
Classique Gallery

What Is It?
Classique theme is our ‘sexy but not just lingerie’ boudoir style. This style really lets you show off your personality and sensuality without having to reveal a lot.

Girlie Boudoir Gallery

Why Classique?
This style is perfect for ladies who like to be a little more covered up. if you feel your absolute sexiest when you’re dressed up to tease, then this is the boudoir style for you. Although, once you’ve had your first set of pictures taken, you might feel encouraged to try some of the other styles we offer.

What to bring?
Your favourite sexy dress, tight shorts and a glamorous top, a sexy nightie or your favourite lingerie set with a pretty and playful gown over the top, there are so many options for this style. For more inspiration, click here see our Pinterest board.