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Male or Female Boudoir Photographer?

Male Female Boudoir Photographer Studio

A very common question we’re asked is if our boudoir photographer is male or female, and occasionally our answer has led to cancellations. Surely, the determining factors to choosing your boudoir photographer should be more than just the photographers sex, just as booking the cheapest boudoir photographer could spell troubles (we’ll leave this for another day)!

For some people, the initial thought of a man photographing their partner in provocative ways can make them feel uneasy, whilst some women feel they can only be comfortable shooting with a female boudoir photographer. 

To dispel this myth, we discuss why choosing a professional male boudoir photographer might do you more good than harm. Since all our website gallery pictures, reviews and boudoir shoots are the work of a sole male photographer – Michael, who has worked with over 1500+ clients within the past 12 years at My Beautiful Boudoir Studio.

Boudoir Is All About EmpowermenT

Male Female Boudoir Photographer Studio

Sometimes this major factor gets forgotten and we get caught up in other trivial matters. Your boudoir photographer should be someone who can (and will) make you feel totally amazing about yourself. On completing your experience your body/self confidence should be at an all-time high which should transcend to a long-lasting empowered feeling.

This is achieved when you’ve had a fun experience, felt safe, comfortable and extra special with positive reinforcements throughout your photoshoot. We understand that some positions and poses may not come naturally to you but it’s our job to ensure you’re looking your best and we’ll remind you of this throughout. Despite any doubts you may have had you’ll love your photos when you see them!

Do You Want ‘Cute’ Or ‘Hot’ Pictures?

Male Female Boudoir Photographer Studio

Not all, but the majority of our female clients intend to present their pictures to their male partners. With that in mind we think it helps to have your photos taken from a man’s point of view if you want something your male partner is going to find seriously provocative and sexy.

A general fact (although not always the case) is that most female boudoir photographers shoot from a different perspective to that which men perceive as sexy or erotic. So if you’re after pictures your male partner will find “hot” rather than ‘cute” you’re most definitely going to need a professional male boudoir photographer.

Read The Reviews

Male Female Boudoir Photographer Studio

Unfortunately the public image of male ‘photographers’ most especially when it comes to female objectification hasn’t been one to shout from the rooftop. Anyone can be a ‘photographer’ and a ‘photographer’ looking to satisfy his or her personal vendetta will ultimately cause you more stress than good. With that in mind, choosing your male boudoir photographer should be done with these three precautions in mind

i.) Your Safety – where will the shoot be taking place and who else will be around?

ii.) Their Experience – how long have they been in the job for and what samples of work do they have?

iii.) Client Reviews – we’re more likely to write a review when we’ve had a negative experience rather than a positive one right? If they’ve been in the job for long enough, you should be seeing a majority of positive reviews. Use your ‘undercover’ skills and do some digging!

The Focus Should Be On You

Male Female Boudoir Photographer Studio

Just because a boudoir photographer is a woman doesn’t necessarily mean she will make you feel comfortable. From conversations with our clients, we know that being in a room with a woman who looks like a model with perfect hair make-up and outfit can be quite intimidating. For any woman looking to overcome their body confidence issues this could be a major distraction to achieving that empowerment they’re after! With us, you’ll be the most important person in the room at all times and our focus will be 100% on you.

Consistency Of Work

Male Female Boudoir Photographer Studio

There are studios that hire multiple photographers and some hire only female photographers to fulfil their marketing tagline of “all female team”. This makes it difficult to guarantee that you’ll be working with the same photographer whose work or reviews you’ve seen on their website.

Without these assurances, you will be walking into the unknown unable to see examples of your photographers work/reviews.

What We Think!

Professional boudoir photography is a skillset that can only be nurtured with years of experience and a genuine interest in making others feel great about themselves. This cannot be quantified simply by the sex of the photographer.

Contact us today to book your experience or view some of our  Work Gallery!

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