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Maternity Boudoir Photography


What Is Pregancy Boudoir?

Pregnancy is one of those many wonders in life and should be celebrated as such. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when mums-to-be sometimes don’t feel as glamorous or as sexy as they use to feel and could do with some pampering and a little TLC. Our maternity boudoir sessions celebrate the art of pregnancy whilst empowering expectant women. Put simply; we make pregnant women look and feel sexy again!

Apart from the great reason of documenting the special and joyous period in your life of being a mum-to-be, we also want you to experience a new kind of confidence boosting make over photo shoot. Your pregnancy boudoir make over shoot will not only highlight your new sexy curves and the art nature created – your bump, but also show a new glamorous side to you. Popularised by pregnant celebrities and glossy magazines, we’ll be bringing that Hollywood Glamour into your session.

Don’t you worry either about stretch marks, spots etc as we’ve got the magical wand to make them disappear in your pictures. Not only will you feel good inside, you’ll also have some artistic and beautiful pregnancy portraits to take home with you.

Simply click on the pictures below to see our pregnancy boudoir gallery or click here to see our Packages, which are also available to buy as gift vouchers.

Why Pregnancy Boudoir?

At a time in your life when you may not be feeling your most confident, we aim to make you feel beautiful and celebrate the wonder that is happening to your body. However, many women never feel sexier than they do during pregnancy so what better time to get a set of pregnancy boudoir photographs taken? And, ultimately, it’s a great reminder of such a special time in your life.

What to bring For Your Maternity Boudoir Session?

We shoot a lot of different outfits for maternity, some women prefer full nude, whilst some bring pretty lingerie sets, babydoll nighties, cute or sexy knickers, or occasionally props. For inspiration, click here to see our Pinterest board.