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Mature Boudoir Photography
VIXEN Gallery

What Is It?
Our Vixen shoots are a mixture of a lot of different styles, specifically catered to the more mature fabulous woman. Boudoir shoots aren’t just for a younger age group – we encourage women of all ages, as well as shapes and sizes to have a Boudoir Makeover Shoot to show off their stunning bodies to their partners, or just for themselves, whilst getting empowered by the thrill of it all. This style of shoot lends itself to our VaVa Voom style with lots of fun outfits, or equally to the Classique style with pretty lingerie and lounge wear. Whatever style you want to rock, we encourage you to give it a go. With a range of backdrops, themes and props, we’re certain there will be something for you during your shoot

Why Vixen?
We realise that, sometimes, body confidence does diminish with age, so we aim to make you look and feel like you did at your most confident period, thanks to our professional styling team and photographers. Every single women is beautiful and has the right to show off their bodies and gain a bit of confidence on the way.

What to bring?
Whatever makes you feel your most sexy and confident! Pretty lingerie or lounge wear sets, babydoll nighties, dressing up outfits, and whatever props you want to include in your photo shoot. Above all, be brave and step out of your ‘comfort zone’ – you’ll be glad you did! For more outfit inspiration, click here to see our Pinterest board.