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Peterborough Sexy Boudoir Shoot Studio

Peterborough Boudoir Photography
About US

We specialise in erotic photo shoot in and around Peterborough; shooting in areas like Barnwell, Alwalton, Barnack, Elton etc. My Beautiful Boudoir is UK’s top sensual photography studios with 10+ years of experience in intimate photography.

With abundance knowledge in Sexy Boudoir Photography, our exotic shoots have been designed to make all women & men feel empowered and encourage them to discover their true inner beauty.

Book with us today and discover the true meaning of self-love!


There are two ways you can book. You can either make a booking yourself by going on our website and purchasing your chosen package or you can give us a call on 01164827700 and we’ll make the booking for you. Immediately after your booking, an email will be sent out to you respectively, confirming your payment/booking.

My Beautiful Boudoir offers various packages for customers to choose from. A £100 deposit is mandatory with all packages and our packages start from as little as £150. You also receive the privileges of a full professional makeover, 3hrs+ intimate photoshoot session, private viewing and your selected retouched pictures – all inclusive with your package.

Booking with us is very straightforward and all our bookings and online payments are 100% secure. We respect all our customers’ privacy and ensure that all your details are confidential.

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Other things we offer

Some of the other services My Beautiful Boudoir offers are as follows:

Boudoir Photography Lesson in Peterborough– The positive phenomena of Boudoir Photography has led us to offer Boudoir Photography lessons/classes to anyone who aspires to become a Boudoir Photographer in Peterborough.

Receive all the secrets and tips to becoming a successful Boudoir Photographer. Click here to find out more about our Boudoir Photography Classes!

We are an open-minded photography studio and we welcome all suggestions you may have for your photo shoot. My Beautiful Boudoir offers various photoshoot themes for both Male & Female.

Some of the Boudoir Photography Themes we currently offer are listed down below:

Full Boudoir Makeover in Peterborough A full exotic makeover is all inclusive with your chosen package. On the day of your Seductive Photo Shoot, a professional make-up artist will be present to get you looking raunchy and ready for your sexy photo shoot. We love making all our customers feel at ease from the moment they step foot in our studio which is why we offer them the privilege of a full glamorous and sultry make over.

Risqué shoot for Couples in Peterborough We have plenty of themes for you to choose and get inspired from. Check our photo gallery. Couple Boudoir Photoshoot is guaranteed to reconnect you and your partner. Bring all your bedroom accessories and release all your sexual frustrations. This type of erotic photoshoot helps couple regain their sexual desires for each other. 

Bride/Groom Sexy Photoshoot in Peterborough Give your significant other a surprise of a lifetime. How about a Sexy Photo album full of raunchy pictures of you or an Erotic Photo Calendar? Click here to see a few examples.

Nude/Glamour Photoshoot in Peterborough Whether you are an aspiring Glamour Model or into artistic nude, going nude doesn’t always have to result to fully naked photographs. Our creative photographer can help you artistically hide your modest areas that you don’t want to show whilst also looking sultry and provocative at the same time.

Pin-up Boudoir in Peterborough Our professional make-up artist can turn you into a Sexy Pin-up Model from the 50’s. The classic vintage setting can also be achieved by adding accessories and props to our versatile studio. Are you a fan of the 40’s & 50’s Pin-up look?  Click here to see examples of our work.

Fitness Boudoir Photoshoot in Peterborough We also offers Fitness Photoshoot, Model Portfolio, Stripper Photoshoot, Glamour and many more.

Bondage/Dominatrix Boudoir Peterborough  Release your inner sexy diva in you! We cover all types of boudoir photo shoot and we encourage customers to not hesitate in bringing any bedroom accessories of their choice i.e cuffs, whips etc.  You can also spice things up by asking your partner to join you for the shoot in our couples boudoir sessions.

Maternity Boudoir Peterborough Pregnancy is raw and authentic. Boudoir photography is all about capturing moments in real time. Maternity photographs captured by us will make you realise the real beauty of a pregnancy whilst also making you feel the sexiest you’ve ever felt. These photographs will be the ones you cherish forever.

Plus Size Boudoir in Peterborough We believe that all women/men are beautiful regardless of their shape/size. My Beautiful Boudoir captures real women from different walks of life. Our Curvy boudoir photo shoot has helped many Plus Size women/men feel confident in their own skin. Sexy Plus Size photo shoot has no limitations.

Private Boudoir Photoshoot in Peterborough We offer Private Boudoir Photoshoot Session for anyone who wishes to get photographed in a discrete manner. We always ensure that your privacy is respected and your pictures are confidential. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with nudity and exposure.

Sexy Video Shoot in Peterborough Sexy videos of yourself can also be a perfect gift for your long distance partner. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only take erotic photographs but also make seductive movies. Click here to see some of our work.

Peterborough Boudoir Photography
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