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Curves Boudoir Photography

What Is It?
VaVa Voom is our very popular pin-up and burlesque inspired shoot style. It’s all about empowering ladies with gorgeous curves and giving you lots of confidence to show them off in an extremely flattering yet fun way. Using a variety of fun, colourful backgrounds we can create looks to encompass anything from old-school classic pin-up, through to the more modern glamour pin-up style that we see in campaigns and magazines today. From red lips and playful fancy dress, to smokey eyes and lace up corsets and stockings, if you’re looking for a shoot to boost your curves and your confidence, then this is the one for you.

Why VaVa Voom?
Whether you’re confident in your own skin, or you need a little encouragement to feel your truly beautiful best, this is both a chance to show off your figure and your curves, as well as an opportunity to gain some confidence in a calm, comfortable environment.

What to bring?
Fun underwear sets and corsets to really show off your curves and bring out your confidence (and of course your highest heels to boost your confidence)! Many women bring props to amp up the playfulness whilst still looking sexy. For more outfit inspiration, click here to see our Pinterest board