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Love is a beautiful thing we totally embrace at My Beautiful Boudoir, but we also understand that sometimes, things don’t always go the way we had planned. People and circumstances change and what’s most important is; self-love! 

4years ago, Jayme booked her 1st boudoir shoot with us as a confidence boost and a surprise wedding gift for her then fiancé. She had a great time and felt wonderful seeing her pictures (below is Jayme’s review from her 1st shoot). Unfortunately, this didn’t work out as she had hoped. However, we were very glad that she knew the positive impact our boudoir makeover experience could offer when she re-booked another session with us.

“This has been an amazing experience. I bought this as a present for my fiancé, but feels like I’ve given myself an incredible treat as well. Cannot wait until he opens it as I can imagine his surprise! Thank you for making me look as beautiful and sexy as he sees me.” – JAYME (2014)

divorce boudoir photo shoot

Whether you are celebrating mutual-love or self-love, we are an open-minded professional team with the one mission of making you look and feel sexy. Because looking and feeling sexy is a state of mind everyone deserves to experience regardless of your body shape, age etc.

Below, we get to find out more about Jayme and her sexy photo shoot experience whilst we share some of her favourite shots.

divorce boudoir photo shoot

1. Jayme, Please Give Us 5 Words To Describe Yourself.

  • Unique, Crazy, Spontaneous, Adventurous & Powerful.

2. What’s Your Favourite Book or Movie?

  • Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

3. What’s Your Favourite Quote?

  • Just when the caterpillar thought the world had ended, she woke up as a butterfly.

4. What’s Your Can’t Live Without Item?

  • My phone/ A decent wifi connection

5. How Do You Feel About Your Body?

  • There are so many things I would change if I could… some bits are too big, some are too small and some bend funny. I’m definitely not what I would call a stereotypical beauty and don’t look like the women you see in magazines.

6. What Do You Love About Your Body?

  • My eyes, and my bum! I also love my hair, which has been so many colours I’ve lost count.

divorce boudoir photo shoot

7. What Was Your Reason To Book A Boudoir Shoot?

  • I needed to get some confidence back post separation/divorce. I’d spent a long time with someone letting me think I wasn’t good enough in so many ways and I needed to remember that I am beautiful and should love the skin I’ve been blessed with.

8. Where You Worried About Almost Baring All In Front Of The Camera?

  • I was nervous/excited for this shoot as it is actually the second one I’ve done. The first time I was terrified but this time I remembered how powerful I felt during and how amazing the photos make me feel when I look at them even 4 years later.

9. How Did You Feel When You Saw Your Photos?

  • Over the moon, they were the exact confidence boost I needed. They’ve come out so well and my chosen few just look amazing.

10. Any Last Words, Advice or Suggestions For Anyone Looking To Book My Beautiful Boudoir Shoot?

  • The body you have is beautiful even if it isn’t the ‘perfection’ that is portrayed in the media. It’s yours and you should be proud of it. If you’re doing a shoot bring items you feel comfortable in. They don’t have to be overly daring if that isn’t your thing, just go with something that represents you and makes you feel good. Try them on at home, practice your poses, practice smiling with your eyes… remember to laugh and not take it too seriously. But mostly, enjoy the experience!

“This is my second shoot, and like my first I was made to feel comfortable and beautiful. A post separation boudoir shoot which has reminded me how to feel good about my own skin. I feel powerful and sexy in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. If you need a bit of a confidence boost I would 100% recommend this studio because it’s just an amazing experience from start to finish” JAYME (2018)

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