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my beautiful boudoir photography review

Where to start? “Very good” really doesn’t begin to explain my experience at My Beautiful Boudoir. As a tall woman who doesn’t wear heels & can be a little awkward, I was a little out of my comfort zone. The photographer was incredibly understanding & by the end I felt so natural & comfortable striking all kinds of poses! I would highly recommend both the photographer & the make up artist as both were very relaxed & most importantly listened to me.”

 RACHEL – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Leicestershire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

I loved the whole experience. It was very professional and I was made to feel very relaxed, which I think shows in the photos. My photos arrived this week and everyone absolutely loves them, and have all asked me where I have had them done. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to my friends.”

 AMBER – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Nottinghamshire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Thank you so much My Beautiful Boudoir I had an amazing time & was treated like a princess for the day. My husband loves his wedding eve present & what a confidence boost for me. Just 14 weeks after having my 4th child and I was always body conscious but I left feeling amazing. I was so nervous to begin with & had no idea what to do but Michael put me to ease & had me posing in ways that flattered my body & I was actually really impressed with the photos & ended up having a real laugh. I walked away with the most beautiful gift to give my husband the night before our wedding day. It went down real treat & definitely put that naughty sparkle in his eye on our wedding day. He was really taken back by this personal gift Can’t thank you enough for making it possible as I had my album printed for me in just 2 weeks. The quality I received is outstanding & customer care is fantastic. Thank you my beautiful boudoir is an experience I will treasure. I’m so glad I did it & have the album forever. Five stars from me thank you XX

 VALENTINA – Bridal Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Coventry


my beautiful boudoir photography review

What a fantastic experience from start to end, thank you so much. I did a wedding boudoir shoot as a gift for my fiancé. The hair and make up was fantastic and the photographer knew exactly what to do to get great results. I was so nervous before I arrived but was soon put at ease and really relaxed into the photoshoot meaning the pictures came out amazing. It was great fun. I would highly recommend.

– JEMMA – Bridal Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Derbyshire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

I had the most amazing afternoon, right from the start I was made to feel at ease. Having my hair and make up done in a comfortable relaxed environment made my nerves disappear. Michael the photographer made me feel at home and talked me through everything we were going to do and constantly giving me advice and guidance on how to get a fantastic photo. The results were fabulous so happy I left my comfort zone and gave the shoot a go I love the photos and they were a very welcome present for my partner Thanks again for a superb day xxx”

– CHARLOTTE – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Leicestershire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

The photo shoot was a gift to myself in a way before my 40th birthday and before everything started to go south! The whole experience was fabulous. The make up lady was great, and she did a superb job of turning me from a plain jane into something from the glamourous 1950’s. (still had make up on when I went to school pick up – got a few comments about how amazing it was! ) I was initially quite nervous, having never done anything like this before, but I was put at ease and even did some topless shots! The photos were fantastic. My husband, needless to say was extremely shocked!!! It was a well received but most unexpected present!!! Would recommend it to anyone who just wants to feel amazing for the day

– ANNA – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Leicestershire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

This has been an amazing experience. I bought this as a present for my fiancé, but feels like I’ve given myself an incredible treat as well. Cannot wait until he opens it as I can imagine his surprise! Thank you for making me look as beautiful and sexy as he sees me.”

– JAYME – Bridal Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Leicestershire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

My bf bought me a gift voucher for Valentine’s which I thought was sweet of him as I have always wanted to do something like this but never plucked up the courage to do so. I was slightly worried about it though as I did not know what to expect since I knew nothing about the studio. On calling to book my shoot, I was told everything I wanted to know and put at ease which was helpful. The shoot itself was absolutely fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it went too fast to be honest. Probably one of the best gifts I have ever had as it has made me see my body in a different way and I have some brilliant pictures to look back at when I feel low. If you are in need of some body confidence boost I can assure you that you will totally enjoy it and feel great after.

– SARAH – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Manchester


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Personally, I did feel nervous to start as I wasn’t sure what to expect but the time went extremely quickly and we found it so much better than what we had expected. Don’t fear the unknown. We were in very safe hands and the team really looked after us. We achieved some fantastic beautiful shots which was down to being so relaxed with our surroundings and the encouragement we received. Go for the opportunity. You will not be disappointed. Thank you.”

– TESSA & RICHARD – Couples Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Lincolnshire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

I had a wonderful time. The make up artist was very professional and did a great job with my hair and make-up and the photographs were lovely. Thanks ever so much.”

BELLA – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Shropshire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

I had the most amazing time and I am so pleased with the outcome. The photographer and stylist were superb and made me feel so comfortable, so comfortable I ended up posing naked which I didn’t think I’d have the confidence to do. Their professionalism and encouragement enabled me to do this, and I’m so pleased I did. The results are fab! I had this done for a confidence boost as I hated any photos I saw of myself. I would urge anyone who is thinking about it to do it you won’t be disappointed you will just feel amazing. Thank you for such a memorable day and the most fantastic photos I can treasure forever.

JAIME – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Northamptonshire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Since it wasn’t something I was use to, I was really nervous to begin with but I was made to feel very relaxed and calm….love love love the photos….thank you so much.. Highly recommended.

ROWENA – Artistic Boudoir Shoot – Kingslynn, Norfolk


my beautiful boudoir photography review

I have had such a lovely day as I was not confident to begin with at all and after just 10mins, the photographer made me feel so relaxed. Loved having my hair and make up done too. I will be coming back.”

KAETI – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Loved this experience , felt like a model for the 3 hours! Makeup artist and photographer are very professional and put you at ease! Photos turned out fantastic. Go on girls treat yourself to a one off experience I’m sure you’ll have fun and wish you’d done it earlier. 

 MICHELLE – Boudoir Make Over Shoot – Leicestershire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Had an amazing time! The makeup was fab! We felt very at ease the entire time! Made us feel beautiful. It’s been absolutely fantastic and so much fun! We’d highly recommend it to anyone. The pictures were fab too! Thanks so much, loved the whole experience”

 JOSIE & JAMES – Couple Boudoir Make Over – Cambridgeshire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Had a fantastic time, everyone really was friendly which put me at ease, Was very nervous before hand but made to feel very relaxed. Loved my make up and hair. My picture album also looked amazing and I love it! Will definitely recommend the experience”.

 DANNI – Boudoir Make Over Photo Shoot – Derby


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Thank you so much for these photos – so glad they made it before Christmas! They look brilliant! Thank you so much for a brilliant afternoon in the make up chair & in front of the camera – had such an amazing time!!! Shall definitely be back! 🙂 Thank you again! Have a lovely Christmas & a very happy New Year! 

Boudoir Make Over Photo Shoot – Leicestershire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Wow is that really me! No way! I’m so excited to see my finished photos. Many thanks for making a nervous, shy mother of three into a sexy yummy mummy. My partner loves them too, already planning to book another for our anniversary next year. You guys are amazing. Thank you. 

 AMANDA – Boudoir Make Over Photo Shoot – Coventry


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Surprise wedding gift for my fiance. Thanks for working so patiently with a naturally un-photogenic customer. It was a unique experience. Was terrified at first but loved every second of it. Thank you and I look forward to giving them to my hubby on our wedding night!”

 MRS DEAN -TO- BE – Bridal Boudoir Shoot – Nottinghamshire


my beautiful boudoir photography review

Today I saw real magic! I was transformed from a nervous ugly duckling to feeling my best and actually looking sexy. Was instantly put at ease, which ultimately made me more confident. Cant thank you enough. You are truly the best! .

 CHRISSIE – Boudoir Make Over Photo Shoot – Northamptonshire