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Top 5 Boudoir Hair Style Inspirations

“Confidence is in the hair – it’s the crown you never take off”

Choosing a hairstyle for your boudoir photo shoot can often be a difficult decision to make. Depending on your facial structure, shape, and current hair style (whether you have choppy short hair or lengthy hair extension piece), there is something for everyone and it’s all about embracing what you’ve got.

Our experienced professional hair stylists have the ability to make you not only look but feel 11/10!  Below is our ultimate 5 looks guide to choosing your perfect boudoir hair style.



Turn up your hair volume with a BIG bouncy blow dry for a sexy sophisticated look. The raised partain, excessive volumising products and back combing can literally spice up your look. BIG is sexy.


The title pretty much sums up this one. BIG and curly. Easily created and styled to look as though its natural.

If your hair is naturally textured with beautiful curls and waves, Embrace that! Created simply with a professional hair product in the hands of one of our lovely boudoir hair stylists. Define and design your perfect hair look by even adding to the curls you already own! You just can’t beat effortless beauty.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Hair Inspiration



Another effortless style for many. Straight, shiny hair has always been around as it pretty much suits any face type. The look can be worn free flowing or styled in a more “sleeky” way with great products. FIERCE is an understatement with this one.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Hair Inspiration


Get and feel the fun and flirty look with gorgeous waves. Whether you desire a messy effortless walk off the beach look or a more classic look of soft shiny waves you literally want to swim in. This style is great to express a playful and flirty you.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Hair Inspiration


Looking for that classic 50’s vintage look? The Pin-Up Girl hairstyle will suit you to a T! Ideal for both short & long hair styles and perfectly matched with a shade of red lipstick for the ultimate feminine retro look.


Boudoir Photo Shoot Hair Inspiration

You’ve got it girl… Release that inner vixen and grab yourself that ultimate infront of the camera confidence, through your hair!


Contact us today to start your amazing boudoir experience.

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