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Boudoir Photo Shoot As Therapy For Survivors

Boudoir Photography Studio

Many people associate the word “Boudoir” with “Sexy”, “Confident”, “Raunchy” and so on. Whilst all of these assumptions are true, boudoir photo shoot is much more than just a sexy photo shoot experience.

Boudoir Photo Shoot is a THERAPY! 

At My Beautiful Boudoir, we welcome everyone. We specifically encourage ‘survivors’ to take part in our boudoir photo shoot experience because it is a form of therapy that can heal your pain in ways unimaginable. 

In this post, we talk about the different types of survivors and why each one of these courageous individuals should consider experiencing our boudoir makeover photo shoot

Taking care of your body and celebrating yourself is not selfish, it’s empowering!

1 – Cancer survivors

Boudoir Photography Studio

You are BRAVE! You are STRONG!  

You’ve managed to survive a life threatening disease. Cancer may have briefly taken some of your sparkle but in the end, you’ve won. You’ve beaten cancer!

Even though you may not be feeling 100% your old self, our boudoir photo shoot experience might just be the perfect activity for you to regain your charm and realise your own true potential once again.

Photographs from your boudoir photo shoot will make you realise that even though cancer may have taken some of your physical assets and left you with multiple scars; you are still YOU! It hasn’t taken the essence of who you really are. You were beautiful before having cancer and you are even more beautiful now.

The true beauty of our boudoir photo shoot is its ability to provide an innermost therapy for cancer survivors as witnessed & verified by our countless past clients. 

If you are feeling anxious or nervous about your boudoir photo shoot; please don’t! After all, you did beat cancer!

2 – Accident sURVIVORS

Boudoir Photography Studio

Whether you’re a survivor of a car crash, horrible incidents or accidents; it’s your time to reclaim your confidence! 

Despite the trauma and scars which may have left you with fear, anxiety and low self-esteem, at My Beautiful Boudoir; we want you to see your scars as a reflection of your bravery and not your weakness.

Book in for a boudoir photo shoot with us and you’ll soon find ways to regain your confidence once again. 

All you need to do is pick up the courage to make a booking with us and we’ll help you feel 100% comfortable during your shoot. You’ll be fully assisted with poses that will flatter and you’ll also receive the privilege of a professional hair & make-up styling ensuring that you look and feel your absolute best. 

3 – Sexual Assault victim

Boudoir Photography Studio

Do you feel traumatised and trapped by your sexual assault/attacker? If so, then there’s something about a boudoir photo shoot that can make you feel so free.

You are not in the control of your attacker – you’re not in their shadow anymore! You are free and a boudoir photo shoot gives you the ultimate freedom of choice when it comes to sexy outfits, poses etc. You are in complete control of your body. 

The empowering impact of a boudoir photo shoot will help you regain your sexuality. It will help you realise your self-worth and your strength. 

Our boudoir photo shoot will help you believe in yourself and make you feel beautiful once again.

4 – Body shaming sufferers

Boudoir Photography Studio

Whether you’re tall, short, skinny or curvy etc; everyone is beautiful! Everyone of different shapes and sizes. 

Accept yourself for who you are. Whilst this may be easier said than done, there are simpler ways to learn to love yourself. 

Body shaming has been a real issue in the society. With high volume of social media users, everyone wants to look and feel like a celebrity. Our boudoir makeover photo shoot will ensure that you get your fix of this desire.

Our boudoir photo shoot will take you through the process of accepting yourself and will also give you a chance to develop your confidence. 

Trust us! By the time you’re done with your photoshoot, you will see yourself with a whole new postive mindset.

5 – time to shine

Boudoir Photography Studio

Whatever personal struggles you may have been through in your life or are currently going through – big or small; most especially with the recent lockdown or COVID19’s mental/emotional or physical impact, it’s your time to shine and start living the life you desire once again.

Book in your boudoir photo shoot session and let it empower you! It could be the most rewarding money you’ve spent on yourself in a very long time!

Contact us today to book your experience or find out what our clients have to say by reading our Client Reviews.

Above all, stay safe and remember that you are truly unique and beautiful!

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