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Lockdown Things You Must Do

As the world remains on pause and most of us are housebound due to lockdown, we patiently anticipate when things do get back to some normality again. However, during this period of solemnity and unusualness, it is very important that we keep our mental and physical wellbeing in check.

Boudoir Studio UKTo keep us going during this period, here are 6 things we’ve been activating practising and highly suggest you do too.


At no point in time, have we had so much time on our hands without a full-on schedule of things to do. We know this situation is temporary and whatever comes on the other side will most likely involve a lot on our to-do list. This period is the best time to catch up on some much needed guilt-free rest.

Boudoir Studio UK

With the soaring amount of baking recipes and inspirations on social media lately, it seems we are a country of bakers after all. From Carrot cakes to Cherry bakewell and Victoria sponge cakes; we’re baking them all. Mary Berry watch this space! Why not read several new books or watch Netflix to your heart’s content (Tiger King anyone?), you’ve earned it.

Boudoir Studio UK

The hustle and bustle of our typical daily lives resulted in friends and families getting very little of our time. What better period is there to show that we care about their welfare than now? Thanks to readily available technology, we can Facetime on a one to one basis or chat to a group of well-wishers on Zoom (we suspect this App was developed with Covid19 in mind).

Boudoir Studio UK

Thursday evenings are now our Saturday night! The sheer amount of work and sacrifice, front workers at the NHS are doing to combat this virus and relieve families affected with COVID19, is just mind-boggling. We feel indebted to them and if clapping within our community is the least that we can do, wherein! Not forgetting the fun element and social factor it provides.

Boudoir Studio UK

Nous espérons que vous vous portez bien? Okay, a little bit of showoff! But when this is all over, how proud and smug would you be to tell your friends and colleagues the new skill you’ve acquired during the lockdown? Learn to knit or crochet, become proficient in a new language perhaps one you can use during the next time you travel to your favourite holiday destination.

Boudoir Studio UK

We all need a bit (a lot) of motivation at this time to keep us going and focused. Not to blow our horns, but a makeover and a sexy photoshoot will go a long way to do you some good post lockdown. For weeks, we’ve survived in our favourite loungewear with no make-up or care for things we’d normally not be seen without (manicure anyone?). We’ve almost forgotten what looking glamourous feels like! With a pending girlie pampering experience booked post lockdown, you can be rest assured that it will give you the much-needed morale boost during these unprecedented times.

Boudoir Studio UK

Please keep safe and be kind to those around you. We are all in this together and this too shall pass…


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