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Top 10 Boudoir Photography Poses Ideas

Every professional boudoir photographer knows just how important mastering a number of flattering yet sexy poses is to ensure his/her client has an amazing photo shoot experience, because having your photos taken in the buff (or almost) CAN be very scary for most women especially if it was their first time. Below, our boudoir photographer; Michael reveals his top go-to poses and industry secrets.

For my clients, my aim is to ensure they actually forget they have very little on and just enjoy the experience. To achieve this, amongst other things, I hypnotise them I ensure that my pose selections are fluid. It doesn’t get any more awkward than a nervous client meeting a nervous boudoir photographer. The more reason why it’s very important to know you will be photographed by the same person whose work appears on a boudoir photographers/company website.

Below are my favourite 10 boudoir photography poses that work each and every time. They are my favourites because my clients love doing them (they are easy to do), they result in some wonderful images and can be used on a variety of shapes/sizes.

10 – The Eye Contact

Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas

A strong eye contact straight into the camera can be very sexy but also shows confidence.  Best done with lips slightly open, or a smile with the body placed at about 45% angle to show some legs and bum.

9 – Sexy In The Dark

A very popular pose with clients wanting body art images. Also, a fabulous option if you are camera shy and would rather not show your face.

8 – The Crossed Legs

Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas

Legs! legs!! legs!!! Every girl wants the perfect looking pins and I have quite a few techniques I use to achieve this. Two of my favourites are covered here. 1st is the ‘crossed legs’ technique. By simply placing one tip-toeing leg in front of the other and making one leg longer than the other, your eyes play a trick on you and you assume legs shown are quite longer than they actually are. To give a slimming effect, make sure your knees are kept together and hips pushed outwards (in the opposite direction of your forward leg).

7 – Legs Up

Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas

Another of my techniques is the ‘legs up’. This can be achieved either through the ‘sitting on a chair legs on a table’ or ‘lying on your back legs on the wall’ position. Again, keep one knee slightly bent to give the illusion of longer legs.

6 – View From The Top

Sexy Photo Shoot Studio UK Leicester

Perfect pose to showcase clients hair and fabulous body without exposing too much. Best executed with the client lying on the floor, legs raised and bent slightly.

5 – The Science

Called ‘The Science’ due to the effect of gravity in attaining this fantastic pose. Want bigger looking boobs? Simply copy this pose and don’t forget to place your hand at an angle to hide your tummy!

4 – The Snake

Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas

A remix on a classic boudoir pose. Here’s a playful pose that lets your personality shine through.

3 – The Bum Shot

Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas

Every woman deserves a great bum shot! You mustn’t do a boudoir shoot without achieving at least 1 great bum shot. My reason is quite simple – a lot of women do not find their bum sexy enough to bare for the camera but on seeing their final picture, they always love it!

Two main reasons of having a boudoir makeover shoot is for body glorification and empowerment, so if you have doubts about your bum, make sure you get your ‘bum shot’ done – you will feel great about it after.

The bum shot can be achieved in several ways – one of which is the standing position. This should be taken from a lower angle to accentuate the legs (legs will appear longer) leading to her bum.

A great alternative is the silhouette effect (as shown). Resulting in some wonderful artistic images.

Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas

2 – All Fours

A rather sexy pose without having to expose too much. Perfect to show off your beautiful hair and facial makeover, whilst maintaining a hot pose. Your body needs to be stretched out and knees making an upside down V shape.

1 – Upside Down Magic

Boudoir Photography Pose Ideas

Don’t like having your pictures taken? Get it done upside down! Every ‘girl’ looks fantastic when photographed upside down. The two main tricks to this pose are great makeup/hairstyling and good lighting.

There we go, my Top 10 Boudoir Poses done! Feel free to share your comments & ideas below. To see a variety of these poses, simply click here.

Till next time – Be Fabulous & Love Your Body! 

My Beautiful Boudoir Pose Ideas

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