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Top Boudoir Poses/ How To Pose For Boudoir

When doing boudoir a photoshoot, especially for the first time, many can feel unsure whether they are doing the ‘right’ poses, however when it comes to posing, apart from the total guidance our photographer will offer during your shoot, its also all about doing what feels right for you, what makes you feel confident and sexy!

With this in mind, we thought we would put together a collection of our favourite boudoir poses right now to hopefully inspire you to get creative when you next come to see us! Why not start practicing the poses in the comfort of your own home and see what feels right for you? We take you through some of our favourite boudoir poses and why we love them.

Strong and powerful posing.

Why we love this.

Not only does she look powerful, she feels powerful, like she can take on the world. This pose combines tasteful boudoir with showing her strong, domineering side to her personality.

Soft and beautiful posing.

Why we love this.

With the fabric acting as a drape, this pose shows off her soft beautiful curves, while emphasising the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood.

Playful and mysterious posing.

Why we love this

It shows a playful yet mysterious side to her personality, while being a fun way to show off her legs, making them appear longer and more luscious!

Cheeky and fun posing.

Why we love this

This burlesque inspired pose is fun, natural and playful! This pose will bring out any women’s cheeky side while on their boudoir photoshoot!

Lying with slightly arched back.

Why we love this

This pose flatters all body types, making you feel empowered, gorgeous, in touch with your body and also hugely relaxed. It also flatters your tummy area and shows off all your curves in the right places!

Sweet and innocent posing.

Why we love this

This pose looks sweet and innocent, and is perfect for those who at first feel self-conscious and want to hide any insecurities they feel they might have.

Dynamic posing moves!

Why we love this

It shows a women who is ready to tackle whatever challenge life throws at them! This pose is dynamic, strong and perfect for women who want to move more while on their photoshoot and put themselves out there!

Leave some of your assets to the imagination.

Why we love this

This pose is perfect for those who want to accentuate their assets while leaving some to the imagination. Wearing high heels during this pose will allow you to create more angles with your body and elongate those legs!

Happy, confident and relaxed posing.

Why we love this

Last but by no means least, this natural and relaxed pose shows her letting her hair down, having a laugh, feeling comfortable in her own skin and truly enjoying her time during the boudoir photoshoot Leaving us feeling empowered, beautiful and confident.

Love My Beautiful Boudoir x

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