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5 Things You Might Not Know We Offer

Boudoir Photography Studio

Over the past 12yrs of providing discrete sexy photoshoots to our clients, we have amassed a vast experience in a number of services within the boudoir industry that makes our studio really unique. Here are just 5 of such services, you might not be aware that we offer.


If you are looking to intensify your experience and record some of the most sexy & erotic professional content of yourself, then our boudoir video shoot is certainly one to consider. With a pre-shoot consultation, the option to shoot your video alongside your photoshoot, complete privacy & ownership of content created, you will be in full control of how and what you want your video shoot to entail. Why not click here to find out all the details you need to book yours and perhaps to watch some of our ‘PG’ rated sample videos?                                                                                                                

Boudoir Videography                                                                 


Our couples boudoir shoots are not just fun, they are also a great way to spice things up! Why not spend some quality time together in the privacy of our studio whilst you get some posing guidance by our expert photographer for your own private erotic pictures? With so many fun activities couples typically partake in currently on lockdown or with limitations, there hasn’t been a better time to book your couples boudoir photoshoot. Find out more and see some of our pictures here

Boudoir Photography StudioESCORT GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPY 

We were recently nominated as one of the best UK studios for escort photography by Vivastreet. 

If you’re seeking a place where you can come out of your shell and express yourself just the way you like, My Beautiful Boudoir is a match made in heaven – Vivastreet

Ladies & guys looking to stand out from the crowd with pictures that showcase them in the best form can be rest assured of a professional and discrete experience. Looking to hide your identity? Not a problem! Our ‘Confidentiel’ theme will be a perfect option as we direct your poses to naturally show off your assets without exposing your identity. Why not have a look at some of our pictures here and for our high-class escort photography services, please click here?      

Boudoir Photography Studio          


For any budding photography enthusiast looking to develop their photography skills, especially in boudoir/female form, our boudoir photography workshop is a no brainer! Our 1-1 workshop with hands-on practice using an experienced lingerie/art-nude model will show you the tricks and knowledge to achieving great shots! Better still, why not use your partner as the model in our Couples Boudoir Workshop


Boudoir Photography StudioBoudoir Photography StudioDIVERSE BOUDOIR THEMES & STYLES

Our studio offers one of the most diverse boudoir themes without any compromise on the quality of our work or the empowering experience we offer our clients.  Simply click the links below to see a range of our diverse boudoir photography themes:

Bridal Boudoir for brides-to-be looking for the ultimate gift for their partner.

Mature Boudoir for discerning older ladies who understand that age is nothing but a number.

Maternity Boudoir for expecting mum wanting to document their amazing baby bump.

Fetish Boudoir for clients looking to showcase their inner Christian Grey or Anastasia Steele.

Fitness Boudoir for fitness ‘junkies’ who are proud to flex their muscle for a series of hot photos.

Male Boudoir for men looking to become the latest eye-candy in town. 

Boudoir Photography Studio

Contact us today to start your boudoir experience.


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