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Spice Up Your Valentine's Day With These Boudoir Ideas

my beautiful boudoir valentines shoot ideas

Love! Love!! Love!!!  We all love to be loved which is why we L O V E Valentines…

Valentine’s day is a universal affection day where we get to express our romantic feelings towards our loved ones. There are many ways to show our affection and celebrate Valentine’s day but here are some of our insider tips on how our clients love to celebrate this special occasion.

1 – Romantic Couples Photo Shoot

my beautiful boudoir valentines shoot ideas

Love is an intense emotion that you feel in your heart. It is an immense affection that you have towards another being – but we understand you know this already…

However, love isn’t blind at our studio, as we can definitely capture that love for you to see and treasure for a lifetime. So, why not celebrate Valentine’s day by booking our Romantic Couples Boudoir Shoot? Your special photoshoot could even be a reminder of your everlasting love.

Do not forget to check out our ‘Moulin Rouge Gallery’ where you can see some of our past couples shoots.


2 – Risque Photo Shoot

my beautiful boudoir valentines shoot ideasWondering what materialistic item to give your significant other? The biggest and most valuable gift you could ever give anyone is yourself! So why not spice things up with some professionally taken risqué boudoir shoots to send your partner’s thoughts racing?

Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse as couples to indulge your fantasies, you can wear whatever sexy outfits you like, perhaps you could put some emphasis on your partner’s fetishes and bring out your inner dark side out to play. The perfect way to get your relationship hot, steamy and exciting is by having intimate and risqué photos taken of you in sexy lingerie or nothing at all. Not forgetting, the confidence and empowerment this photo shoot experience brings.

Take a peek at our galleries where you can find our ‘Risqué 50 Shades’ themed photoshoots to give you more ideas.

my beautiful boudoir valentines shoot ideas

3 – Robes and Roses

my beautiful boudoir valentines shoot ideas

When we think of Valentine’s day; we think of the colour red.

Red is attention-grabbing, it’s the colour of romance, lust, love, affection and attraction. At our yearly Valentines Themed Boudoir Shoots, our aim is to speak the language of love through your photos. From red lipstick to red roses, from not feeling confident to empowerment; our photoshoots have the ability to tell a story and make you feel at your very best whether it’s for yourself or your partner. Slowly unravel your robes and send him/her to heaven with our boudoir photoshoots.

Whether it’s a burlesque theme, a pin-up look or more raw sensual boudoir shoots; our versatile Valentines Themed Boudoir Shoots can be set up to your desired taste.

Check out our gallery section to see all the variations.


4 – Role Reversal

male boudoir photo shoot

Tease your partner with a sexy boudoir shoot and remind them how lucky she/he is to have you on Valentine’s day. In a society where stereotypically, boudoir shoots aren’t seen as a male activity, this ‘Role Reversal’ activity which goes against the norm is what makes it more unique, exciting, romantic and a successful Valentine’s surprise for your partner. Valentine day is the perfect excuse to show your partner your inner sexy self. Your pictures will soon be plastered all over her bedroom wall and social media!

Why not have a look at our Male Boudoir Gallery.



5 – Real You Is The Sexiest You

my beautiful boudoir valentines shoot ideas

Being single on Valentine’s day may make you feel unwanted and lonely but we can help you erase those negative thoughts.

Be your own secret admirer this Valentine’s day because there is nothing sexier than finding the real you and falling in love with yourself.

Often, we are so consumed by the acceptance of society’s perception on Valentine’s day as being only for couples; that we forget to treat and pamper ourselves.

Make this Valentine’s day all about you and gift yourself with a confidence-boosting, self-loving and super-empowering Boudoir Makeover Photoshoot and who knows, you might catch the attention of that someone special!


Contact us today to start your boudoir experience.

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