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We Love Curves - 30 Days Curves Challenge

My Beautiful Boudoir Curvy Shoot

As we look forward to the beautiful summer sunshine and holidays to our favourite destinations, it is also a time we are confronted with our body confidence issues. No longer do we have the luxury to wear oversized layered clothing due to the heat but we are surrounded by other women who might be in better shape than we are.

Time after time, we have mentioned that the main reason for what we do at My Beautiful Boudoir is to empower women (or men) and to make them love their body, no matter the shape, age or colour. Over years, we have seen the real life impact on how the experience we provide can dramatically improve body confidence issues and how in most cases, it could be life changing.

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

For most women, the thought of being pampered during an expert hair and facial makeover and having a set of professional sexy pictures their partner will be gobsmacked seeing, is exciting and wishful. However, the fear of the unknown usually prevents this to come to fruition. Will I be able to pose? What if I don’t look as good as the other women? I am too fat, I need to loose a few more pounds! On and on the fear goes.

It’s for this reason, we have decided to start a new initiative to encourage 💯 TBC (Total Body Confidence). Starting from the 15th of May to the 14th of June 2018, we wish to challenge women with curves* to a Free Boudoir Makeover Shoot in our Leicester studio. We are ever so confident that this experience will be the perfect start to your summer and you will be glad you took up this challenge.

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio

To apply or to read full T&C’s please click here. Due to limited availability, spaces will be allocated on a 1st come 1st serve basis and subject to availability. You may choose from any of our studio themes and the session will last for up to 3.30hrs. Got someone in mind you feel could benefit from this challenge? Please use the Social Share Buttons below to spread the good news!

*Curves by definition has to do with body measurement ratios (i.e the size difference of the waist to hips). Not to worry, we don’t require you to be a mathematician calculating your body size ratios to apply, anyone from UK dress size 12 may apply. .

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