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Bridal Boudoir Shoot - Why?

Wedding-Bridal-Boudoir-Photo-StudioAs less clothes and more tan lines are becoming more apparent – this only screams one thing! SUMMER!

Summer is considered to be the peak wedding season – making it the perfect opportunity for anyone to have a pre-wedding boudoir photoshoot. Our bridal boudoir photography is an experience of a lifetime; it’s unique, empowering and most importantly it makes a perfect wedding gift for your partner.

Not convincing enough?

Here, we give you some of the reasons why you should book in for a boudoir photo shoot this summer.

Wedding GIFT for your partner:

A boudoir album or calendar for your partner works as a perfect sexy gift. Gift yourself to your partner in the most personal way right before your wedding day. An album full of erotic and seductive poses is a gift that your partner is most likely not expecting but will fully appreciate. 

Not to mention that whilst in the process of gifting your partner with a sexy bridal boudoir album, you’ll also gift yourself with an immense level of confidence boost.

Wedding-Bridal-Boudoir-Photo-StudioPre-wedding treat:

For so long, you’ve been preparing and pampering yourself for your special day. Why not treat yourself to an additional pre-wedding pamper day by booking in for a bridal photoshoot?

Since you’ve been making efforts to look all glamorous and fabulous for your wedding. Let’s focus on celebrating you!

A bridal boudoir photoshoot is a perfect treat for you as it will not only allow you to see your body in a positive way but also empower you to look and feel confident for your big day. 

Wedding-Bridal-Boudoir-Photo-StudiobRidal lingerie photo shoot:

Your bridal lingerie is just as important as your wedding dress, so why not make the most use of it by having a set of professionally taken pictures to show them off, as you would do with your wedding dress? 

You can also give you partner a sexy preview of your wedding night by gifting him a bridal lingerie photo shoot album. Tease your spouse by showcasing your sexy lingerie and make him desperately look forward to whats’ to come.

Heighten your “sex appeal” by gifting your partner this perfect gift. 

Wedding-Bridal-Boudoir-Photo-StudioUNIQUE trend:

It’s no surprise to us that bridal boudoir is one of the most popular types of boudoir photo shoot our clients request. This unique trend has become a global phenomenon and you may wonder why.

With freedom of poses, props and accessories; not only will you have unique and sexy gifts for your partner but you also take away abundance self-confidence and self-empowerment.  

We encourage all brides-to-be to get involved in this trend and we can guarantee you will be glad you did it.

Contact us today to start your couples boudoir experience.


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