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Female Fitness Boudoir Why Do It?

New year, new you is the catch-phrase we all embrace during this time of the year. Recently, more women are making their way into the fitness industry. Breaking down the stereotype of the fitness world and the narrow-minded society; only seeing men as “powerful” and “fearless”.

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At My Beautiful Boudoir, we understand the seriousness of this issue and are aware of the mass number of sporty women equally as competitive, fearless and powerful as men (if not more). To empower these fit, healthy and powerful women, we’ve created our La Forme (Fitness Boudoir) Theme specifically with them in mind. 

This fitness photoshoot theme is totally available to women of varying fitness levels and goals.

In this post, we give you our top reasons why women into fitness, should take part in our “Le Forme Photo Shoot”.

Fitness Boudoir Studio Photoshoot1 – Celebrate your achievement

Reward yourself!

You’ve been working hard at the gym- feeling your worst to look your best and after months of training your body several days a week; it’s finally time to reward yourself. Why not celebrate your achievement and hard work with a Fitness Boudoir Photo Shoot? This powerful experience will make all your hard work and effort at the gym worthwhile.

Your photos in itself will be a permanent self-reminder of your potential and capabilities with a permanent positive impact on your well-being.

Add “Le Forme Boudoir Photo Shoot” to your bucket list – if you haven’t already!

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio2 – document your transformation

Working out is easy but being consistent with your workout is the hardest part!

Some days you may not want to work out because you feel like your end goal is way too far and almost unachievable. The best way to stay positive in this situation and be optimistic in your journey is by documenting your transformation.

Incorporate our fitness photoshoot theme within your fitness journey every few months as we’ve created specific packages to cater to this demand.  Build a sexy fitness boudoir shoot journal into your training plan and let the photos be a constant reminder of how far you’ve come and how far you might have left to go.

A great suggestion will be to book your session ahead of time, mark the date in your diary and use it as a motivation to get into greater shape. 

You will be surprised at what this process can achieve towards your transformative journey!

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio


Fitness is an exciting career choice that requires an immense amount of hard work and self-discipline.

For Personal Trainers looking to instil confidence in their client and reward their effort, we offer limited free vouchers they can present to their clients. To request these vouchers, simply email us here.

Building a strong hype around you before competition day is very essential to standing out from the crowd. Thanks to platforms such as Instagram, you can now show off your great body to fellow competitors and even the judges before your show! Do this with a great set of professional pictures and it could add a whole new level of authority about you. 

Finding a niche fitness boudoir photographer who can capture your best shots in an empowering manner is after all, a major step to success.

Our Le Forme boudoir shoots, capture the best angles and poses – giving you the ultimate muscle definition and toned figure. Whether it’s for your personal portfolio, commercial purposes or a bodybuilding competition – our fitness photoshoots are perfect for you. 

My Beautiful Boudoir Studio4 – EVERY’BODY’ IS WELCOME

Regardless of whether you work out 7days a week or just once, you too can book our Le Forme Boudoir sessions. This photoshoot experience welcomes everyone and everybody who wishes to feel like an empowered strong woman.

Fitness equipments & props in our private gym will be provided.

Contact us today to start your amazing Le Forme Boudoir experience


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